the (totally first world) worst day with some links to bring it back around

Terrible day. Not much went right.
It was full of disappointment and mis-communication and the train ride home was nightmarish and Youngest and I, though lucky enough to make the last train out for a while (many cancellations) were screamed at by the conductor as he thought we were not willing to move to the other end of the car.


It was some seriously crazy shit, that train ride. Then I got home and received this.


Then I sat down to check my emails and realized I had some pretty great links I've been meaning to share.

This first one is the most fascinating story of Maxine and her imaginary friends. I encourage you to listen. All three of my boys had imaginary friends but none of them were as complex as these.

I tried some of this the other day and it is amazing. Did you know that I am a great fan and collector of creams and salves and lotions?

Whilst browsing around ebay I've spent some time enjoying listings like this.

I love this truck. I LOVE THIS TRUCK. Our Jeep goes back in December and we'll need to get something else. I love this truck.

Anyone have any experience with Everlane? I am intrigued and like this belt.

I'm off for some w(h)ine.


Susie Sunshine said…
I'm sorry it wasn't a birdfriendly day.
Everlane is the shit. I have 8 tshirts and a long sleeve crew from them and wear them constantly. Great quality, fast shipping, amazing prices.

Do you already have a buddy link? If not, when you use this:
they pat ME on the back and tell me how pretty I look AND give me credit if you order, so you should definitely use that one unless someone else gifted you one first.

But if they did, have they commiserated with you about the asshole conductor? Because if not, they're really much of a friend now are they? Seriously, what kind of people DO THAT?! You need more Midwesterners in your life, I tell you what!

(Tomorrow will be better, you'll see.)

Avoid exposuring under the sun will be my summer mantra.
Can I have some wine? I got a stern lecture at the doctor's for ignoring my health while I tended to my mother's health.
Scot said…
Stay away from that truck. Keep in mind that in 1966 "Made In Japan" meant crap. They needed another 8 to 10 years to start producing good quality stuff, autos, electronics, toys etc. Japaneese cars today are amazing automobiles, back then, no, not really.
Oh, and have fun at JURY DUTY!
Ali said…
I've always wanted to do jury service - it appeals to my nosey side.
L.P. said…
Sorry about the bad day. On the plus side, it's over and done.

That truck looks absolutely gorgeous, but I also imagine it's a maintenance nightmare. Not to mention gas-guzzling.

I've always secretly not minded showing up for jury duty. It's a good chance to spend all day watching people and reading a good book.

I've heard great things about Everlane, but their line about retailers charging 55 times the cost of manufacturing is pure bullshit. I know they're not talking about me, but still I bristle at that.
alice c said…
Jury service - meh. I have a fear of gory details even though I know it will be parking offences and suchlike.

Re Truck : you will survive the zombie apocalypse in that. But you may break down and have no mechanic to help.
Paola said…
nothing made in 1966 could ever be bad! ;)
Jury duty ... nooooo ...
Bad day ... GO AWAY!
I'll check out Everlane just for the fun of it, never heard of ...

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