crazy, strange, hellish

I'm not going to get into it.
Work related.
I'll just say that I seem to be googling The Rip Off Report with some frequency.
But then I had this IM Chat with Middle:

HIM: i accidentally stumbled onto a vegan subreddit without realizing it last night... i don't even know     where to begin

ME: try to start
was it recipes

HIM: no

ME: ranting against meat eaters?

HIM: it was just everyone arguing and ranting about being vegans

ME: you know what I think most vegans need?
(and I'm not making any friends here)

HIM: a steak?

ME: a goddamn steak
I knew a vegan who ended up at the doctor for something and HE told her to eat a goddamn steak

HIM: do you know how to find a vegan?

ME: no

HIM: don't worry, they'll let you know.

--And then I felt better.


L.P. said…
Glad you're feeling better.

For me it's the ones on a Raw Diet, or else the Paleo people. Don't even get me started.
Anonymous said…
You know what Vegan Zombies eat? Graaains!
Crazy Mom! said…
I like little animals.

They taste goooood....
Paola said…
Love your IMs with your men.
Anonymous said…
lol funny. but sometimes I'm tempted. there.

How do you drown a hipster? IN THE MAINSTREAM!


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