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On The Table Today:

The formerly very impressive, massive Viking refrigerator is now, we believe, on its last legs.
It freezes things in the fridge section, leaks in the freezer section, needs a new plastic seal ($350), does not stay cold and has been recalled three times for a safety issue. Viking offered to send us a new one for about half price (they replaced it once already). We let that offer expire and are now reconsidering. Our kitchen is built around the size of it which means we cannot (visually) downsize to a "normal" unit (ours is a "professional" size). I am not whining, I am thinking.

Turns out the problems with the fridge are covered under warranty. Not that I believe the customer service rep. So no new fridge!

Because I had cigarettes (six years ago) before my life insurance exam, my premium is higher than it should be. Presently, I tend to have a pack of cigarettes over three days time whilst visiting Chicago, twice a year. Our insurance salesman does not return our phone calls which seems somewhat fair as we have never taken his suggestions when he tries to up-sell us on insurance but which is aggravating me no end.

Yes. No. Thank you.

Can we unplug our cable television? We each have a Blu-ray player which puts the internet on our televisions and our cable bill is expensive. Would we be fine if we only watched things available through Hulu and Netflix and the internet?

SO now we've spent another day analyzing that situation and still have not decided.

What happened to Youngest's phone? I don't think he mishandles it and yet the speaker is shot and the headphone jack no longer functions. It's a year old.

The guys at the (money laundering) cell phone store totally worked out the situation with Youngest's phone and he'll have a new one by the end of the week, free of charge.

Also On The Table: those pears with the blue cheese and honey. Impeccable. Perfect.

I'm off to the phone store with Youngest.


L.P. said…
Would a Sub-Zero fridge work? My sister has one and loves it.

You can totally unplug cable-- you will be fine with Hulu, Netflix, and the internet in general. Also the library has treasure troves of dvds.

My insurance agent wouldn't return my calls either, so I sucked it up and bought insurance (not life, though) through AARP's program. I never have a problem talking to them on the phone(yes, you have to join AARP, but it's cheap, and the insurance is a good deal). Worth checking out, at least.

No idea about phones because we all get by on ancient dumb phones. We don't use phones much anyway-- my kids text and email with their iPods and I use my iPad for that.

It's a lot of stuff for you to sort out but it's all good to do.
Anonymous said…
I'm picturing you getting the kind of professional size fridge that has the clear windows.

My husband's phone (not an iPhone, an LG Dare) did this thing where the headphones made it so the speaker stopped working. He sort of fixed it by just inserting the headphone jack in over and over really fast. It triggered something and corrected.

Good luck! And ps, stop smoking! I did!

Liz said…
We cut our ties with cables, we already had amazon prime, now we just watch shows through them on the blue ray. Most of the TV shows I watch are on CBS or hulu anyway, so there is no lost there. It was a big relief saying bye to cable, the cable bill was very expensive. I don't feel like I missed anything.
Paola said…
I fear the fridge doom day will arrive here soon adn I have no clue as to what we will do as the last time we brought it in was before we remodeled the kitchen. I am sure you'd be just fine without cable. Phoes, they do break for no reason at all. Iinsurance: I know zero about that.
Scot said…
I looked at 2 different markets today for pears. No pears, I have the cheese and the honey, some GREAT bread but no pears OR raspberries. I've got strawberries and blueberries but I want raspberries also for a cheescake I'm thinking through. Not sure what I want to make the crust out of. Maybe vanilla wafers or sugar cookies? When I asked the fruit guy at the market about raspberries he handed me mangos. Mangos! I know, right?
Totally first world problems, I should shut up.
Hilary said…
How long ago did the offer expire? You may still be able to get it. They have great customer service. Also, did you check ebay and craigslist? When we did our kitchen over we sold all our viking appliances that way...
Anonymous said…
I held on to cable until the London Olympics concluded and then got rid of it because the dvr boxes kept failing. We have netflix (no commercials!); I don't miss cable and we're saving $100/month. We figure anything live we'd want to see would be a good excuse to go to a local bar and watch their tv. Carol

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