Middle, yesterday and today

Look at this!
Sweet little, blond little, adorable little Middle with his toy camera!

future DP-sm

K has been organizing photos and found this one.
I don't remember Middle being especially devoted to cameras when he was little, but there you are.

And where is Middle this weekend?
Shooting at a huge race track.


He did like cars when he was little.


He just texted that he was the only person with clearance to go up there, where the guy with the checkered flag stands, and that it was a little scary.

One of the companies he shoots for owns a bunch of these...


I'm sure I've mentioned, haven't I?
Middle doesn't drive...


alice c said…
Too funny - I think that we have an almost identical photograph of MasterM with a Fisher Price camera. MasterM, however, does drive.
Duyvken said…
Oh that photo of Middle. So adorable. Organising photos is always more enjoyable than I anticipate it will be because of the memories.
Hilary said…
what a great shot of Middle -
Paola said…
Too much cuteness in that shot, and darn was he blond!