on beauty and other thoughts on a Saturday morning

Powerful stuff, this. But we can lighten the mood with this version.

It may be time for a spring cocktail.

SnoCones. Who knew?

Scot sends us a New Favorite. Thanks, Scot, it's perfect.

Zoe Saldana's outfit makes me so happy...and this photo has the added benefit of letting you traipse through Perez Hilton for a while. Like reading the magazines near the check-out line in the market.

How to shop the flower market I walk through EVERY DAY.

Harrison Ford won't answer Star Wars questions, okay?



Paola said…
Oh all those gorgeous flowers, it must be nice to walk by that every day, a little cheering up in a rush to work routine. And what about the sketch artist! Scot is always cute, isn't he.
RW said…
so funny. Harrison Ford clip.
Terese said…
I don't understand why the men had a better opinion of who they were physically than women did of them. Is there really so much animosity between women's feeling for their physical safety and how men are confident of themselves. I don't really get what it means. However I do get that women are more generous towards there own sex. The world hates men. It is hard to be a man with that opinion out there. I have three sons - what do people especially the girls in their friends think of them?
L.P. said…
The Dove parody was absolutely hilarious!

The flower market must be a treat to walk through every morning.

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