After poor service for months, we have canceled our delivery of the newspaper and adjusted our morning routines accordingly. One doesn't have much access to the paper on line when one doesn't have a current subscription but there are ways around it (and no, I do not feel badly about it any more than the lady at the Times felt badly when we were missing sections of the newspaper every week).
It's always nice to start the day with Bill Cunningham.

You know I love Angela. Wouldn't it be nice to think if we were single we could get married?

I might make these. Or this.

I was thinking of doing this.


My blog-friend LB has opened a shop and you MUST go see it simply because every single THING she has seems to have been made for me. It's like ME in a shop. Unfussy. Beautifully made.
What could be better?

Oldest was recently mistaken for Oliver Peck (in a dark bar, I am assuming) and it did nothing to advance my cause for the shaving of the mustache. Oliver Peck is one of Oldest's heroes.
May he be as successful, say I.

K, with a banana leaf...


leaves in the pot with the pork (and 20 other ingredients)


uncovered after hours of anticipation...




Puerco Pibil has changed our lives.



Anonymous said…
Beautiful food!
I bet your son was thrilled to be mistaken for Oliver Peck! That is some 'stache he sports, though. What IS it with men and facial hair lately? Last night the host at the restaurant D and I ate at looked like he was a mini James Franco with a goofy handlebar and goattee business--plus a full head of Elvis-style waves.
Your friend LD must have divine taste if that site is any indication. Made for you indeed!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the wonderful links (and for the nice chuckle I had, imagining that the banana leaf was also laundry to be folded)--but now that I have seen the Puerco Pibil in all its glory, all I can do is sit here in vain as I pine for it, wishing I could smell it and taste it too. The day is shot because I am pretty much going to do nothing else.

L.P. said…
Thank you for the plug, my friend. It means a lot coming from you.
Scot said…
OMG your dinner looks delicious! I want some right now. Tell K we're ALL comming for dinner!
Question, if you didn't have 3 young men at your table, and if by chance there was alot left over, would it freeze? It seems like way too much trouble to make for less than 4 or 5 people. And yet I know I'm going to try making it. Finding banana leaves ought to be fun I'm sure...Any tips would be appreciated.
About the mustache, tell Oldest my upper lip hasn't seen the light of day for about 35 years. Other than a few horrible trimming accidents I've had a mustache for most of my life. Just be sure to keep it clean. That little gap fills in after awhile.
dervla said…
ok that meal looks incredible!! And I cancelled our Times a few weeks ago, too. They never lost parts of the paper, but we just weren't getting to it and i felt really bad recycling an unread paper every week.
Paola said…
You're right, that shop is YOU! Nice that it's run by a friend. The dinner, what can I say that I haven't said already? We all know the magic K can work so ... just SIGH looking at it. Oldest with a 'stache ... hmmmm ... Can't really imagine it. I also spied K is still sporting the long hair, he's so tall (and cute if you allow me) he's one of the few men that can pull it off.
Puerco Pibil it is then.

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