There's a rain/sleet/snow mixture falling today. All day.
I decided to ask Youngest to go with me to the mall. As you are aware, I never go to the mall, but Youngest is a great shopper.
He assisted in the purchase of these shoes


as Supergas are, generally speaking, The Shit.
I got these too...


as they were completely irresistible, make me tall, and are completely safe. I know they look a little Frankenstein-y here, but, believe me: while not graceful, they are lovely and fulfill the need for both oxford and height.
The shoe salesman (at Nordstrom, where people could not be nicer) and Youngest had a lovely time talking about shoes. (Youngest was wearing his Asian Givenchy Bondage Shoes).

Then we toodled around for a bit, trying things here and there and bemoaning the sudden and mysterious departure of the Anthropologie.

Youngest tried on this leather jacket at Zara,


as well as a breath-taking suit at Nordstrom.

He would very much like a Burberry tie.


His birthday is next.
He looks so fine in everything he tries on, that boy.

 After shopping? This place.




Very nearly too hip.

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


Middle and K collaborate on some kind of Cuban pork dish for tomorrow.
Tuesday heralds the Return of Oldest.

Al. da*

*did I tell you about Al. da?


Anonymous said…
ummmm... I need to see the Asian Givenchy Bondage Shoes please.
Anonymous said…
I adore the people who work at Nordstrom.
Youngest is who is the sh!t. What a cutie. Burberry. :)
I want to collabor-EAT the Cuban pork dish.
And no, no mention of Al. da. Do. tell!

blackbird said…
Givenchy Bondage Shoes:
Duyvken said…
I don't remember hearing about Al. da.
And I love those shoes. My mum, who is not a tall woman, used to live in wedges. She was very sad when they went out of fashion in the '80s.
Paola said…
I used to live on Supergas (didn't know they were the Shit there though). I like the wedges, that plaited bottom is nice and I am sure you'll look awesome AND tall!
But. Nowhere near the awesomeness of the Asian Givenchy bondage shoes. Sorry. Youngest trumps Bb it appears ...

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