a video from Middle, which he did not make*

* While he did not, in fact, have anything to do with the production of the sweet video, Middle IS shooting a senior thesis video, this week, for a former classmate from Art School. Have I mentioned this?
In essence, Middle will be doing exactly what he'd be doing were he still IN Art School.


Anonymous said…
This was exactly the shot of sweetness I needed today. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I love this. Thanks bb and Middle.
Poppy, I have been thinking of you but your blog won't let me comment and apparently I can't get it together to email you so...... Thinking good thoughts and happy healing for you.
Thank you bb for letting me use your ball pit.
Anonymous said…
The ultimate icebreaker. What a fantastic project!

susan f. said…
Loved this! Thanks for sharing:)
Paola said…
What a great idea, it makes everyone a child again and children notoriously make friends immediately.

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