a question for Wednesday, UPDATED

Middle has a 10:00am appointment with the Hand Guy.
Let's weigh in, shall we?
Is his fingertip broken?


I know, I KNOW, it's always something.
Let's examine the facts:

During "load out" on his shoot last week he loaded an Avenger Combo Stand.
It shifted and the spreader fell over on to my middle finger tip. 
They then drove five hours to location whilst Middle kept his finger pressed onto the icy cold glass window of the truck.

We're taking bets on the x-ray.
Uncle B, care to weigh in?
Swollen, injured a week ago, only hurts WHEN HE TOUCHES IT.



Adventure Otaku said…
not broken.

Paola said…
Phew. Didn't look broken to me either but I am glad the Hand Guy confirmed that. Your men should all be hand models btw.
Pam said…
I have absolutely no idea at all what he was doing when he had his accident. Load out? Avenger Combi Stand?? Glad it wasn't broken, though.

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