take a bow


L.P. said…
Maria Cornejo (of Zero+) looks lovely and like a really sweet person. Plus her designs are amazing. (I won't comment on the ones who look a little crazy and/or self-obsessed.)
Paola said…
I was expecting someone to trip but no one did. Bummer. Love the ones who frantically ran.
Alexander Wang makes me smile and Donna Karan looks amazing.
Anonymous said…
Memo to Ralph Lauren: You are so stylish, but please do not tuck in your sweater. It emphasizes your moobs in a less-than-stylish way.
Scot said…
If I knew anything at all about fashion I probably have known that the ad that says "the new collection by Prabal Gurung exclusively for Target" was not talking about the music. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find that great song from that ad. Its my new favorite. You're gonna love the lyrics. If you had known the song last week, you might have been singing it.
Its how I feel every minute of every day.


Yea Paoula, I was kinda hoping someone would trip also!
Duyvken said…
Ralph Lauren has manboobs!
A cable-knitted turtleneck to hide old man neck. Genius.

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