life threatening storm!

I am sitting on the patio, next to the little blue pool. The palm leaves are making a beautiful sound and I can hear those frogs you hear in the tropics.
We sat in the plane for two extra hours while they de-iced us, but we made it. I've heard people say that dozens/hundreds/thousands of flights have been canceled.
But ours wasn't.
And, after a slightly hair-raising take off it was smooth sailing.
I watched Abitrage with the lady sitting next to me.
We've been to the market and to an amazing fish stand by the side of the road for dinner.
But the important bit, right now, is that we made it out.


Scot - cyber-loafing at work said…
I'm very happy for you and I gotta admit, I was a bit worried you'd get stuck at the airport. Have a great time!
NorahS said…
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NorahS said…
Yea! Yes, according to the news, thousands of flights have been cancelled. So glad you made it. Enjoy!!!
L.P. said…
I'm so glad! I've been thinking of you and K all day, hoping you made it out.
Anonymous said…
I was hoping we weren't hearing from you because you were enroute to your tropical isle. We call those frogs 'peepers.' Very happy for you. Holy cats, that 2nd verif word is tough to see. Carol
Paola said…
Phew!!! I was worried from here too ... the news are scary (granted I read CNN daily but even the Italian news are all over the blizzard of the century!!!).
Time for some much needed and earned R&R. YAY!
kmkat said…
Oh, I am so glad! I was worried, all the way out here in Wisconsin.

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