it feels like this

We spent the day preparing.
We are packed, we found the beach bag, we borrowed a larger suitcase, but, all the while, we are listening to the weather and checking our flight.






We are prepared!
The shovels are on the porch, the rock salt is in the kitchen, the pumps are ready in case it's rain. We have been on hold with the airlines for 20 minutes - waiting to hear if our flight is canceled...


Noooo! You must go. For all of us!!!
Jan said…
I've been thinking about you all day. I'm with Loretta.
dervla said…
Ack, i hope you get out okay!!! Leave while you can! :)
Hilary said…
my fingers are crossed for you. Did you try tweeting the airline? I heard on the news that the airlines are encouraging that... I actually tried with a question about my flight tomorrow and my tweet was answered in less than a 1/2 hour...
Anonymous said…
Oh my god! Those descriptions mean business. Mother Nature, please stop f-ing with bb and K's vacation plans already!

L.P. said…
Boy, this is turning into a real nail-biter! Hope you squeak out!

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