day one

So, you one...we go for a walk (I am wearing a tank top and capris), we visit the old lighthouse, K walks away with a stranger, giving me a heart attack, and we go to the market for some chicken for dinner.
We had roti for lunch and went to my most favorite beach in the whole world...wait - close tie with Positano.

This outfit


got me a fantastic sunburn.


 My sweet ride. A Suzuki Something. The lighthouse. Historic.


My favorite beach. Do you know that scene in Contact where Jody Foster sees her father?
That's how it is to be on this beach. Surreal. It is so beautiful you cannot believe you are there.
It was, however, so windy and salty that we couldn't stay long.

We went home and relaxed and THEN went for a walk, past fields and houses and down a flight of Indiana Jones steps to this beach for a look.


MONKEYS. There were monkeys along the way.
I am not an adventurous traveler and was very happy to go back to the house where K had marinated some chicken for me...

At home: 20 inches of snow and the boys seem to be doing well.
I am relaxing.


Anonymous said…
Yep, it's 16 degrees F here in PA, only 6 inches of snow, but it's a sunny Sunday morning. Knowing the boys are fine lets you unwind that much more, yes? Carol
Paola said…
Look at that water! Lovely lighthouse ... monkeys? HAHAHA
All is well and I am glad you are enjoying your vacay, but ... day one? Why oh why is there always day one looming when we go on vacation ... UGH.
L.P. said…
Ahhhhhhhhh... just looking at these pictures made me relax.

I hope time comes to a screeching halt for you and K (at least for a bit)and you are savoring every warm breeze, the smell of the sea (and marinated chicken), the sound of the monkeys...
alice c said…
I TOLD you that K would fix it. Nothing is beyond that man, NOTHING.

Now just have a great time in that little piece of heaven.
raych said…
I envy, if not your sunburn, at least the circumstances thereof.
Hilary said…
Yeah!!! I am so happy that you made it out! Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Looks perfect. Happy vacation!
kmkat said…
On the drive to the Cape of Good Hope we passed wild baboons. Who were doing it in the road.

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