and so it goes

We wake up pretty early. There happened to be a fellow with a leaf blower at 7:30 this morning but we were up anyway.
K has coffee and I make a pot of tea, from leaves I might add, as there seems to be nothing more luxurious than this, to me, in the morning.
He toasts some coconut bread (not as good as Vida's, who I'm not sure we will see, for reasons) and I have a greek yogurt with some granola and grapes.
For a tropical island there is a dearth of fruit.
We have neighbors now which isn't as fun as we hear them and I'd rather not.
Anyway, we sit on the terrace and plan the day.


K planning, with the map.

Today we decided to go to the most northern point on the island and explore around there.
It involved a lot of driving on wind-y roads and peering out at the breathtaking views. Or, more accurately, it involved a lot of me sitting in the car fretting while K enjoyed the views.
(I'm not fond of heights.)


K being Heathcliffish.

To be sure he was never in any danger - though he did climb down a steep, dark, slippery rock stairway with the help of a rope (good god) to get to a secretly secluded tiny beach. I was up top for that one too - and locked out of the car.

Africa. Who knew?

I did stand outside the car, with a couple of dozen UK tourists, to see this view.


And we saw more monkeys and some mongoose(s) and did not get hopelessly lost as we sometimes do.

I visited a few public lavs today and I must say (and I did tell a park ranger) that I have never experienced such clean public bathrooms in all of my life. Unbelievable, really. I spoke to two women responsible at two places and they were both so proud of their work. (I've been known to tell the lady in the train station in the city that she keeps that lav cleaner than the one in my office - which is, sadly, true.) Also, I am considering a photo montage of bathroom signage.


I love this one.


The ladies room was spotless and smelled NICE, not overpoweringly perfumed or disinfected, just nice. I hugged the woman responsible for that. Honest. I'm sure you think I'm strange.

But, look here - it's no wonder I was feeling sentimental...


Just outside of Husbands, which is a wee tiny town, is Mother's Day Bay at which one can see
I ask you.

Black Bird Rock

That's it - just between the lighthouse and the cement factory.

We drove south to find a special spot for a rum punch.
Found, we had flying fish sandwiches and relaxed by the ocean.


It was pretty sweet.
Homeward, through many roundabouts (tricky!) we returned to our little house, on the corner of Flying Fish Street.


Paola said…
What a beautiful place this island is. I am not surprised at all that you hugged the cleaning lady, I would have too probably as that is one hell of a hard job that requires dedication and GUTS.
Suse said…
Black Bird Bay. Perfect.

Enjoy some summer!
The Coffee Lady said…
Yeah. I'm not envious at all.
When I come out of an especially clean public bathroom, I tell everyone within earshot.

I'm feeling relaxed just looking at your photos and dreaming of my island vacation in 3 weeks.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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