a weekend away

My office-friend, D, and I went on a little weekend holiday.
We slipped away from work at about 3:00 on Friday and drove to see our friend G at her country house.
G's country house is serene and quiet and there's always warm wonderful food.

I made a fire in the fireplace


and shook up some whiskey sours while G dished up some of the best soup ever.


We walked in the snow, by the river, and shopped at an extraordinary store.


We attended a school play and then dashed off to listen to Calvin Trillin for a little while.


He was a funny curmudgeon. Last night we had sausages roasted with grapes and truffled potatoes.

We played Password, and slept in the softest, coziest beds


and laughed and rested and felt far, far away while G took care of us as the snow fell gently outside.

It was a perfect weekend.


Poppy B. said…
What? No trip to Anthropologie? YOU CALL THAT A WEEKEND????
Anonymous said…
It sounds like the perfect getaway. Good for you and D and G!

L.P. said…
Perfect. Really, every detail.

Calvin Trillin is coming to my town next week, I'm looking forward to it.