just another week at the office

We were closed the week of the hurricane...no power, servers down, no transportation.
To soften re-entry on November 5th, my boss bought all 117 of us breakfast.
On the 8th there was a beautiful baby shower for a senior staff member. The baked goods were exquisite.
Friday, the 9th, found us enjoying a couple of cases of wine and a bake-off to introduce the fall products.
We were closed on Monday - it was Veteran's Day but it was also a celebration of the second week of November which is a significant time for us.
Yesterday? A hot chocolate party to mark another record-breaking day for our business.
My boss has run out of speeches.
We stand and toast and shake our heads.
Such a time.


Scot said…
I don't even know what a hot chocolate party is but I'm extremely jealous and now I want one!
On the other hand, my boss usually keeps a couple of 12 packs of Miller Lite in the breakroom fridge and he's typically drunk by 2:30/3:00. If I liked crap beer I could have a Lite party. Wanna trade?
Anonymous said…
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Such things! Wondrous.
Paola said…
I like your boss.
Anonymous said…
And I was so filled with trepidation when you were going to go back to work! I worried for nothing.

PS) Are they hiring??

Duyvken said…
Anonymous said…
I tried to comment yesterday, it ended up posting twice, i tried deleting and it's all gone ... anyway, I heart your boss.

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