holey moley

A nor'easter?
What the what?!
Oldest is mighty sick, I'll tell you, AND there is a tree on my roof, AND I am busybusybusy at work (which is good).
People keep saying (today) Gee, you seem so calm! And you know what? That is not helping me.

High winds are forecast for my region, with lots of rain.
Oldest needs to see a specialist and has a tough insurance policy to work with.
My gala office event isn't happening until January 31st.
It's enough to make a person a little stressed.

Let's make a list of pretty things/presents I'd like instead, shall we?


This amazing blue shampoo and conditioner was recommended by my stylist at Sassoon, where I only went twice because WHO NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR LIFE STORY ABOUT YOUR CRAZY MOTHER-IN-LAW WHILE YOU GIVE ME A $200 HAIRCUT?
Anyway, this Davines stuff is the shit if you have grey/white hair, which I do, but the pair of them retail for fifty bucks, so, PERFECT GIFT, BOYS.

I know it isn't terribly romantic but we need a new vacuum and I want this one.

Dyson DC39 Animal

There's nothing yuckier than an old wheezy/smelly vacuum, which is what we are presently dealing with and with a coupon at Blood Bath and Beyond A PERSON COULD SAVE 20%. Just sayin.

And this -


do we like this? It has an intriguing description.

It's snowing.
I'm looking out the window and it's snowing like Christmas.

How about that election!


Crazy Mom! said…
How BOUT that election?

I am chuffed about it.

So sorry Oldest is so ill. I take it he's aged off your plan - makes it rough.
alice c said…
Feeling my Tuvalu anxiety levels racking up. I may have to go and drink wine while I worry for you.
That ring is a dream for a fidget like me!
I hope Oldest gets to feeling better.
Snow? Oh dear.
shampoo? conditioner? a vacuum cleaner? a dodgy ring that'd get caught on things ALL.THE.TIME? You ARE stressed.

K, buy the woman some shoes, boys, get your mum something in cashmere, some perfume and something to make her laugh. STAT.
Susie Sunshine said…
If want the ring just to be able to mess with it and sing "If I could turn back tide......if I could find a way....."

I hope you are well. There is no snow here in MI. All are welcome.
L.P. said…
I think you know how I feel about the ring. :) I do worry about it getting caught on things, but it's just so cool-looking...

And I feel like a big weight's been lifted off my shoulders-- very happy about the election results! Hope we can keep it up.
Paola said…
Oh Kim ... you kill me every time! I'm ROFLMAO.

Sorry about Oldest!

Snow: WTF is the weather thinking, I've seen pictures on FB and it's a mess with all those fallen trees now coverd in snow ...

That orbit ring is interesting but I agree with Susie ...
Anonymous said…
Another snow--how do you manage the stress of it all? I don't envy you an inch.
I've been leaving annotated Title Nine catalogs all over the house and D's car...
Good luck with your son.
I'm going to be happy for a LONG time after Tuesday's results.

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