of dresses and links and sad stories of socks

I have two dresses in the house to consider wearing at my office event.
This one:

which only fits me in a large (wtf?) and leaves me looking rather busty. I like it but it can only be worn to an event - I don't attend many events.

And this one:

Which I really love, and which is NOT BLACK but which I need something over - or under, or SOMETHING. And a necklace, or a scarf. Sheesh. I don't know. (Also bust enhancing.)

Did I already give you the link for this? It's a pretty neat ap-type thing.
And, speaking of time, can you do this?

Here's a McSweeney's for you.

I am all about The Black Keys right now.

This is a fascinating, if not supersaturated chart of information. Stick with it.

I have just read this to Middle, after following a link about it from here. His response: Did you read about this on Full Of Shit dot com?

We are just back from a funeral at which we heard that that our departed friend put a note in her sock to remind her husband how much she loved him in case she died before he made it to where she was.
My heart was torn just a little when I heard that. 


Liz said…
I love the black one! Very pretty.
Wendy said…
The second dress. So very you even in "NOT BLACK". Can be dressed up or down many ways. Why don't you wear that sleeve/scarf thing with it? You can spend the evening taking it on and off as your thermostat changes. Wink!
Anonymous said…
Oh, that last bit breaks my heart a little bit, too. How sad.

The second dress is lovely.

And full of shit, indeed. I kind of despise precocious children.
Crazy Mom! said…
THe second dress would be lovely with a string of coin pearls.
Duyvken said…
Oh my, MF's note in the sock will stay with me for a long time. Beautiful, heartbreaking and so human...
With knee boots and a jacket the first dress could be worn out a little more but the second one really does seem like the blackbird I know online. Although I have no suggestions for what to layer underneath it.
Carol said…
I also vote the second one. Love that it is "you" but not black.

Funny, I followed the Fug Girls to the link about the girl who dresses as a different woman every day.
The note in the sock. *sigh*

My WF is chouPas. No cabbage?
L.P. said…
Love the second dress! I was also thinking of that great scarf/sleeve thingy you got, would that work with it?

The Black Keys for me are sex, drugs, and rock and roll, i.e. love them, too.

Like the little black number -darling.

The Black Keys El Camino album and the Australian band Ball Park Music basically got me through Oscar's last hospital stay. Well, that and several series of Friday Night Lights.

She left a note. In her sock? OH MY.

God I love middle.

The dresses. I just bought two pairs of shoes for $17. I'm no help to you whatsoever.

RW said…
I very much like the second dress.
and I was floored by the note in the sock. floored.
alice c said…
I would say the second dress but MissM has just sent me a short list of dresses for her next formal dinner and there is one just like the first dress. She's SO on trend. So that's not helpful to you is it?

I find myself thinking about the note in the sock and praying that I have the time to leave a message. Anywhere. Even my sock.
Poppy B. said…
Why a sock?

If I left a note in my sock, someone helpful would be doing the laundry to help my grieving husband, and the note would dissolve in the washing machine.

Because he sure as hell wouldn't be separating the darks, turning things right side out, zipping the zippers, or checking the pockets. Let alone unballing the socks. I mean, hell--he doesn't do it now. Why would he do it when I'm not around to nag him?
Suse said…
Oh the sock. If i weren't already bawling at that stage of the funeral that would have set me off.

Be gentle with yourself sweet. And get the second dress!
Paola said…
ADORE the black dress but I am aware the second one is YOU.

Poppy, exacty my thought. Love, Paola.