You know how Middle and K make sausage?
They had a slogan: The Best Of The Wurst.
Unfortunately, other people have the same slogan.
Anyway, K was trying to convince me, tonight, to run away with him to...I don't know, someplace that isn't this place. He'd make sausage, he said. He'd be the sausage king, he promised.

I continue to tell K that he cannot go into: the clam shack business, the deep-fry business, the chicken wing business and stay married to me. Blech.

I bought this jacket


to wear to the office event. Don't you think I should wear it as shown?
(K, do not bother answering.)

And, speaking of underwear, don't you think this photo


would be better with just a little cropping?


I know I do.

Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 8.57.58 PM

A typical email from Youngest, who is lovinglovingloving art school.


Poor Dr. Hedgeh.


I've mentioned, to K, that a necklace like this might be perfect for my event outfit. He's mentioned that it looks like someone cleaned out their junk drawer and hung it all from a necklace. Buttons, he pointed out, are not jewelry.
Maybe they are, for Mrs. Froman.


Hilary said…
men! what do they know? I like the necklace. I wore a new skirt to work today, and my husband told me that it looked like an old lady skirt - pfft! I loved it!
Pshaw - of course buttons are jewelry, especially antique ones. OTOH, don't know if it would go with that great military jacket.

And tell K that I once had to put my foot down on Mr. Pom buying a Mailbox Etc. And I'm so glad I did.
Crazy Mom! said…
I wear this button necklace, which a friend tatted. I luff it.

At least Dr Hedgeh is not named C K Bigoldi, which is seen with hilarity everytime the Hotlanta phone books come out.
Anonymous said…
Ok, when is the work event.

I have several necklaces that would work.

Meanwhile, my photographer and my web coordinator kept coming up with asinine business ideas that would get them out of the daily rut. The best of the worst: Lance McFancyPants Pants Emporium. Not to be confused with Spark McGark's Underwater Welding Corporation.
Duyvken said…
We have that run away conversation ALL THE TIME. Except we're going to grow berries and make jam and have lots of babies.
It's going to be swell.
I love the black underwear set she's wearing with your jacket.
Anonymous said…
Poor Dr. Hedgeh.
I like the necklace.
Wisconsin loves sausage makers--just sayin'.
You crop well. Crop Queen of the Midwest?
It could work, you know.
Lucille said…
Scot said…
Yesterday I made a name badge for a woman named Mary Chris. All afternoon we made horrible puns about christmas.
I feel that a good pun is it's own reword.
That waffle looks sooooooo good. Have you warned him about the freshman 15?
$138 fot PJs. Seriously? For $138 they should come with the bike.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'd like to see K try that button argument with my bloggy mate Silverpebble.
Paola said…
It's a cute necklace although I woudl normally agree with K that buttons are not jewellery.
Wendy said…
I'm sure you know where I stand in the buttons as jewelry debate.

I had a sorority sister named Mary Christmas. She seemed to enjoy it. I would not.

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