four from twelve is eight

It's been eight years since I began blogging.
Youngest was ten.
It was October. We picked apples.

It can't last. Even I don't want to read it.

I guess that turned out not to be true.
So much has changed. Much has remained the same - but more so.

That's life.



Jen on the Edge said…
Happy blogging anniversary. Yours was one of the very first blogs I ever read and I've never stopped. :-)
NorahS said…
so glad it has lasted!

congrats on the milestone.
alice c said…
An extraordinary and inspirational achievement.

What you don't mention is your generous support for other bloggers - so I shall.
Eleanor said…
Oh bb. You mean so much to me.

Alice expressed it so well.

Lately I have become quite nostalgic about those "early years" when I was tentatively writing posts and finding more and more new friends popping up in my commentboxes.

Thank you bb.
Hilary said…
eight years... wow... that is amazing... Happy anniversary!
Suse said…
Eight years! Here's to you.
Paola said…
I guess you're a dinosaur in blogging years!
You were my first, introducing me to a new wonderful world full of lovely people.
Thank you and Happy Day.
Anonymous said…
You were my first blog too! I send you hearty congrats on #8 and a big, squeezy, thank you hug.

Anonymous said…
Happy 8th anniversary!
You're still one of my very favorite spots on the internet.
Amy A. said…
I think I started reading six years ago. Makes me want to go back to the beginning and see what I missed. :) Glad you are here.
L.P. said…
Wow, I am SO GLAD you hung in there! 8 blogging years is impressive, I think that comes to about 35 in "normal" years, considering the longevity of most blogs. ;)
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! I've been reading your blog for about 6 of the eight years! You're like an old friend and I hope you keep on blogging.
Poppy B. said…
Happy blogaversary, little sistah!
Anonymous said…
I am also very grateful you're here.
Thank you, bb. xo

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