videos for Saturday

What's going on around here?
Not a lot.
I think we're going to paint the bathroom today.
I just have to get my head around the prep.
It's all about the prep.

Oh, and, we bought some lobster yesterday and K is going to make us lobster corn chowder.

In the meantime...

Take a deep breath. This one made me cry.


A little Tig Notaro ought to pull you out of it.


Oh, to be young, and talented, and enamored of camping.


Navy. I'm painting the loo navy.


Paola said…
Lobster corn chowder.
I don't know or remember how many dishes I told my I'd have to ask K make for me ... everything he prepares sounds absolutely mouthwatering delicious.

Navy? Bold!

That post had me laugh. Again.
Rae said…
Oh, I hate prep. I'm always trying to convince Chinua that we don't need to do any. He's all about th prep
Chef and I both have 3-4 weeks off over Christmas/January. We are all SO EXCITED that it's going to be spent camping somewhere. I love camping. Something about the simplicity of the life you have when doing it.
Suse said…
That ballerina stunt is INSANE.

Love the blue loo!