sheesh, it's Friday

...Friday night, no less.
Well, it's been a hell of a week. Why is it that short weeks (I had Monday off) can be so hellish?
I am up to my eyeballs in a special project at work which will probably be stress inducing until October 30th. My deadline is the 29th. It's something I volunteered for and it can be quite rewarding, but, geez, it can be rough going. Wednesday and today I shut my office door, clicked over to Pandora and worked on it. At about 4pm I found out I was working with bad data and could have cried. Instead, I closed up shop, did some regular office stuff and let it be. I'll tackle it again on Monday. It's been a frustrating, difficult short week.

On the upside, the bathroom looks great. Hard to believe we started that project a week ago.

I've got some good links for you, though. As I have no real content.

I've been enjoying The Art Of Manliness. I may have linked to them before, as Middle is a fan, but I particularly like the series they've been doing on Heading Out On Your Own. The comments are pretty swell too.

I am so moved.

And I especially admire the one fellow with the cane. And the one kneeling at the hearse.

Judy Garland doesn't give a fuck. That is the actual name of the link. I never lie.

I don't care what anyone has ever said: I think she loves him.

How did I click on this? No idea, but it's good.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I'd love to buy this and now? Every fashion blogger in town is saying the same thing. I'd like the black and navy. Obviously.

That's enough for now.
Long day.
Long week.


Paola said…
You're not alone.
I'm having a hellish time too and am facing at even crazier times until mid October.
Loved the video, moving indeed.
That blog with tips for interview mentions (among other things) a firm handshake, that is somethign that almost no one does and I really HATE a mushy poor handshake, it gives me the creeps. People, a handshake it's what YOU are, put some effort in it!
Duyvken said…
Oooh, I adore taht shirt.
Now I want one.
Well several.
I got to witness a GIANT no-no for a job interview. If you are a 21 year old guy, DO NOT present an application that your Mom has filled out for you in her pretty handwriting and DO NOT bring your Mom to the interview! I shit you not...and my boss was actually considering hiring the guy!

That haka made me hold my breath.

I also think she loves him.
kmkat said…
Of course she loves him. That doesn't change the fact that he acted like an idiot/jerk (multiple times) or that she apparently (mostly) forgives him his idiocy/jerkiness.

Coincidentally, my husband and I have the same Myers-Briggs profiles as Bill and Hilary, respectively. (And for the record, my husband is not a philanderer.) So I feel like I understand them.
I was afraid to watch the video. Didn't want to start Saturday crying. But it was perfectly and completely odd and moving.

Some other link of yours, I am so far down the rabbit hole of links that I'm not sure, just directed to me an artist who is making me spend the entire morning surfing his paintings instead of doing my own.

Enjoy this cooler, fall-ish rainy day!
L.P. said…
Sorry about the hellishness. You are wise to close up shop and come back to it on Monday.

And I agree, she does love him; why else would she have stayed? That's a great photo, too. I think she seems much more in her element as Sec of State than she ever did as First Lady.
Scot said…
I'm so glad its Saturday. Apparently the week was long for everybody. Today I'm making coffee ice cream and looking for excuses not to clean house.
I've seen that Maori haka several times. It always puts a lump in my throat. That's how I wish I could show grief. From what 've read the chant is cursing the gods for taking a friend. That's why its so fierce. Amazing! The diverse ways people around the world deal with death always makes me question many, many aspects of life.
here, try this. Its very uplifting.
kt said…
As much as I love the long weekends, I hate the payment for them that comes due during the subsequent short week.

Hope the weekend is restorative.