a plan

So, what you do is, take a plane to Naples.
There aren't a lot of airlines that fly into Naples, so you might have to do some research.
Fly into Naples, deal with immigration (the lines are long) and, then, take the hydrofoil to Positano. Alternatively, you might take a car to Positano, or you might have friends meet you at the airport. (A dashing soccer-playing, athletic type, married to a friend of yours? That's always nice.)
Anyway, get yourself to Positano.
Stay in any number of wonderful places.
Unpack your things.
Settle in to your room(s).
Change into your swimsuit with something lovely over it - something linen, then, go down to the pier and look for the boat.


 There's a fish on the mast. A slight, dark-haired boy might be on it.


 The boat will bring you to Da Adolfo.


Upon arrival commandeer some chairs, lay out in the sun for a while, bathe for a bit and then go up to the restaurant. I use the word "restaurant" losely as Da Adolfo is a shack on the beach.


Hopefully you read Italian as the menu is not translated.
It doesn't matter, you'll figure it out.
The point is: when the waiter asks if you'd like a peach in your wine?


Scot said…
At what point do you call Paola abd have her meet you for dinner? (I'm thinking before you even leave the house!)

Those hotels look amazingly beautiful. I can't imagine having a bad day when a person wakes up to that view!
Duyvken said…
That is so beautiful. Thank you so much for brightening up my evening.
Paola said…

Scot, if you are planning on coming here, I can be ready in no time! Believe me.
One day. One very fine day.