you know I've seen it

I'm nothing if not honest.
I can dish it out.
I can take it - most of the time.
I've been watching the Olympics...actually, I've been watching a crap-ton of beach volleyball and think the coverage is ridiculous. But I have been watching.  I have tuned in at all hours and watched a variety of sports. My critical skills are the same for each competition.
The teeny bathing suits worn for beach volleyball seem superfluous when men playing the same sport wear shorts and tee shirts. 
The long jump seems rather archaic.
Cycling in the velodrome is almost nihilistic.
Men's tandem platform diving is astonishing (and the swimsuits on the men are as insulting to the sport as the bikinis in beach volleyball).
I do enjoy the Olympics, truly, but nothing compares to this -


That would be the Spanish synchronized swimming duet.
I can honestly say that I adore their costumes.
Their hair? Well, it's a mystery to me.
I've read, dozens of times, that the swimmers coat their hair with gelatin but this seems like more. It almost looks like they've shrink-wrapped their heads, doesn't it?
I love their costumes and fingers and arms and expressions.
But (and this is what gets me in trouble) synchronized swimming has a ridiculous side to it.
And if you choose to give me a hard time about that opinion then FIRE AWAY.
I do not dispute that it is rigorous. I do not think it is easy.
I would never argue that it is for amateurs.
But look:


this is the gold-medal-winning Russian pair.
Imbued with amazing athletic prowess, these women competed dressed as deranged dolls.


This team wore costumes depicting their internal organs.


I'm not sure what's going on here,


though I am certain of one thing,  these women are SPITTING and it is CRAZY.
Yes, I am sure it is difficult to maintain that position whilst spitting pool water in perfect time to music and with ones partner, but it is NUTS.


My heart was with the Spanish team. Elegantly graceful, they won me over.

Go ahead.
Have at me.
It's been four years and my opinion has not changed.


Scot said…
So sorry to be the first but I felt you had to read this:

”Of course. We always do. Not during the races, but I sure did before in warm-up. There’s something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.” – Olympic gold-medalist Ryan Lochte telling Ryan Seacrest that, yes, he does pee in the pool. (via Hollywood Life)

raych said…
But that is why it is GREAT. Because all other sports are like, *focus focus srrrrrious focus* and synchronized swimming is like *focus prowess FUN TIMES focus*
Duyvken said…
I didn't catch any of that on tv but wow - is that make up a tribute to the late Anna Piasggi?
Anonymous said…
It would be nice if they could keep the syncro swimming and ditch the bizarre costuming.
The Coffee Lady said…
How did I miss the synchronised swimming? We have watched all kinds of boxing and running and swimming through the Thames. This looks far more fun.
L.P. said…
I can't help it. I always go right to the old Saturday Night Live parody when I see synchronized swimming pairs. (Harry Shearer and Martin Short, I think?)
I tried to watch, but it was creeping me out.
I did really enjoy the team rhythmic gymnastics....Dancing! With Bouncy Balls!
ki said…
the last pic? Front bottom g-string.

No words.
Suse said…
I just came back to this post and noticed that the team wearing the bathers with their internal organs all over them are also wearing swimming caps that look like brains.

It beggars belief.
Go and watch this:

you're welcome.