I've been playing Words With Friends with a guy in my office for over a year, I think.
I've had a couple of lucky breaks but have not, on any consistant basis, beaten him squarely.
Until yesterday!


My first lucky break was having a triple letter and triple word score on JEEP.

Then, he played JUT which I changed to JUTE for some more fabulous points.


PIANO at nine the next morning padded my lead.
I had high hopes for breaking 500 points (a new record!).


And I won!


I played Jeep in a game with my sister last night but I didn't get 108 points!
Happydog said…
Yeah you! My husband and I have just started playing and he played JEEP for 109 points! I was mightily impressed. We're pretty evenly matched and have traded wins with pretty close scores.
Paola said…
I will NEVER play with you ...