the eye has to travel

I absolutely adored Diana Vreeland, just so you know. (And HOW freaking adorable is Manolo?!)

I call bullshit on this. Yogurt liquid (in) my eye!


I have some problems with the daily shoe video which include: I think she should wear a different outfit each day, do not even speak to me about shoes that cost more than $1000, and who is she anyway? She is no Manolo, I'll tell you that. I could walk through Bergdorf caressing shoes while K films me. Just saying.

My pal Wendy, via my other pal Carol, sent this spot-on commentary on shopping at Anthropologie, with whom, I might add, I broke up with a long time ago.

This is just so freaking true. I do this. This is my life at lunch at work. No, wait, THIS is my life at lunch at work!

My friend Erin has this book coming out and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and I lovelovelove it. So, here's the thing, leave me a comment and I'll use one of those random number generators and SEND YOU MY COPY. Because it is all about good deeds.*

I think I'm gonna try one of these. Maybe even tonight.

This stuff, right here, could make me throw out every stitch of clothing I have and start fresh.

Helen Gurley Brown died this week and you are probably too young to remember her sage/silly advice for young women, but it is priceless. And funny.

Forget weather reports, how about some weather reviews?

It's officially the movie we are watching a thousand times (as others such as Fifth Element have been in the past). Favorite lines to mock?

Mal: I'll tell you a riddle. You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you; but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where that train will take you? 
Cobb: Because you'll be together. 

*Random number to be chosen on Monday, 8/20.


Happydog said…
Does being first count? Would love to an added bonus I promise to write a review on Goodreads...
susan f. said…
This book was on my Amazon Wish List! I'd love to win a copy. Really enjoy your sense of humor and the links on your blog:)
darah said…
Ooh the book looks really good. And also i have to admit that we did the pink eye thing when my daughter was a baby and got a ton of eye infections because her tear duct was jacked up. But we used breast milk not yogurt- no way am I putting some chobani in my kid's eye. That's just gross. It worked really well. I'm sure she loved getting shot in the eye by her dinner.
Crazy Mom! said…
I'd love that book, dearie. And I'd comment, book or not.

I graduated from college in the 70's and we LOVED Cosmo.
Amy A. said…
Thanks for all the linky love. Just what I need to take my mind off of sending kids off to college. :) Also, I wouldn't mind winning that book.
The book looks enjoyable.

Every time we go to the beach my best friend packs a PBJ (sad beach lunch). Every time I talk her into stopping along the way to get some good deli sandwiches. Every. Single. Time.
Duyvken said…
New Form Perspective - N02, N36, N05, N31. LOVE.
Wendy said…
Oh that quilt. Now added to my list of future projects.
Paola said…
So much stuff to love, to read, to hope for. ;)
Poppy B. said…
Did I ever tell you that I own every book HGB ever wrote, including Sex in the Office?

Also, I'm pleased to hear that I won't be spending hours at the Anthro stores in Chicago when you next visit. Frankly, the way mid-century modern has taken over the world, I'm surprised Anthro can sell the driftwood beds outfitted by Balinese sheets. As for the clothes, if I never see another ruffle, appliqué, or rosette again, it'll be too soon.
kt said…
I know I'm probably too late, but could. not.stop. reading her blog. Amazing. Wunnerful. Thanks for pointing us her way!
Pamela said…
Blackbird! I have a GENIUS desk lunch idea that I will share with you over our private convos. Still havent made it to Tuvalu this summer... new magazine launch.