sometimes I fall

I got knocked over on my way to work today.
It's not the first time.
I'm small and as I rush around I've been known to:
1. fall off my shoes
2. be knocked over by someone in a hurry/unsure of their footing
3. miscalculate distances.
Today I was knocked over by someone in a hurry who was unsure of their direction. I miscalculated and went to move around him (a large man) and he sent me flying. I hit the ground on my hand, hip and knee and was suitably mortified when fellow pedestrians offered assistance.
I was also wearing gorgeous-but-not-good-for-walking shoes and I'm going, at lunch time, to get a pair of espadrilles from the French place down the block.
But which?







Weigh in, please.


Crazy Mom! said…

So sorry about the fall. I'll bet you're sore. Hope it's nothing more than a bruise...
Ali said…
Ouch. I suggest something in bright orange to raise your visibility in order to avoid more pedestrian mishaps.
Anonymous said…
alice c said…
If you are going espadrille you need to get the whole look so go stripey.

AND customise with spikes so you can punish people who knock you over.
Wendy said…
Paola said…
Stripey indeed.

sorry ...

Anonymous said…
I would have voted stripey (I see now that you got them) and I would have also voted that you pick up a pair for me too. (Are they online?)

Hope you're okay! Be careful out there.

kmkat said…
Stripey might make you dizzy. Go for one of the others.