It's housekeeping day.
I've got work to do but have provided some lovely linkage.

Have you seen these?

Keeping up with the Olympics? It's time consuming.
Why not check in on the "emotional moments" photo-log?

Youngest went to the beach in Japan. He didn't realize his newly healed wrist would have delicate skin and it got a bad sunburn. Sheesh. Meanwhile, I was looking at these and thinking of him in the ocean so far away.

My house is so cluttered. I really need to do something about it. Middle has been using techniques from here. I daydream about rooms like this.

You know what I am looking forward to?
I cannot wait for socks and sweaters.
I'm wearing the same six outfits in a feeble attempt to beat the heat.
Summer is not my thing.


You know, WHERE do y'all find all your amazing linkage? I often find myself bored on the internet. That's a sad state to be in.
kmkat said…
Gonna buy UfYHabitat NOW. We have used that "work 20 minutes, take a 10 minute break" thing many times. It really works.
Poppy B. said…
Not to belittle Middle's taste or anything, but UfYHouse is just the same old, same old organizing tips (a la Flylady) with a sprinkling of profanity. And in Tumblr format.

Also, I feel really good because my God, the people asking questions are clueless. They're internet-savvy enough to ask questions on Tumblr, but It's like they've never heard of Google.
marian said…
just wanna say, bb, that after all these years, even when you're busy, you still bring it. you are a little ray of sunshine every morning.
Miz S said…
What Marian said.

Also, I am charmed by UFYH. The profanity is what pulls me in. If Flylady had dropped the f bomb now and then I wouldn't have gotten so bored with her.
Paola said…
All I can think of is Yougest on a beach in JAPAN!
Somehow it sounds SO weird to me ...
the wrist will be all nice and tan now.
Suse said…
That emotional moments blog made me cry.