This cake, while complicated to construct, is delicious.
Isn't Alicia's home beautiful? Isn't she talented? It's a lovely blog to visit.

I am a little obsessed with this, after being smitten by this, which I did see at the gift show. I've seen that charcoal for years at the Japanese grocer and wondered what it is for. I am very tempted to buy some and put it in our water pitcher as I tire of Brita filters and our water does not taste particularly good unfiltered.

Middle is honing his bartending skills. I like his whiskey sour at half-strength.

  Screen Shot 2012-08-25 at 8.00.40 PM

I'm blogging with both a new blogger interface and a new flickr uploader (for a while now) and they each have bugs to work though. Someone in tech support should contact me. Just sayin.

I'm enjoying Door 16 at the moment.

I'd like to eat the way Sandra does each day. I'd welcome her "way of cooking."

I've ordered frames. I tried them on at the gift show and would have bought them but for the sales lady who noticed I was not a retailer and snubbed me. I don't THINK they make me look like Harry Potter, though they are round. Let's put it this way: they do not make me look like Richard Avedon OR Elliot Gould.

I'm hoping JCrew doesn't piss me off more than Anthropologie, but it's not looking good.


Thank you for all the kind anniversary wishes yesterday!


L.P. said…
J Crew has been pissing me off for quite some time now.
Liz said…
I have given up on both JCrew and Anthropologie.
kmkat said…
I quite like that your new blogging interface opens links in new tabs. My internet has been slower than molasses the past few days, and this allows me to let the new tabs open in their own sweet time. (Right-clicking and "open in new tab" is problematic; Apple's Magic Mouse is not reliable.)
Anonymous said…
I have small round frames in black, and they DO look like Harry Potter - or so my (grown)children tell me. I like 'em. The only problem is, when I'm driving up a highway onramp, and have to turn my head sharply to the left to see oncoming traffic, I'm looking out the side of the glasses (because the lens is small) and can't see at all.
Paola said…
I adore alicia's home, I wonder where that is ...
Whisky sour? Never had one.
Delicious food presentation ther Door16
Those frames remind me of Ron Rifkin, I hope that's not offensive ...
Door 16 had me hooked, even before I saw the Frida Kahlo book. I'm a bit of a Frida Freak and my best friend is a huge Frida Freak. I'm going to order copies of the book for each of us.