old favorite

via Middle


I hope Middle will be suitably impressed that I saw Santana at a small theater in Port Chester about 40 years ago. OMG, did I just say "40 years ago"?

Never mind. Don't tell him. I remember those people who said "40 years ago" when I was 20....creepy.
Paola said…
I would have never guessed Middle woudl like a song like this.
A surprise.
Crazy Mom! said…
On of my all time favs. Had been on my iPod or CD since it came out. That one, plus Put your Lights On, from the same album.

Man, can Santana play!
Anonymous said…
That's a really good song. I had a little crush on RT there for a while around the time when it was getting a ton of airplay. I also really loved the Mb20 song called Back to Good. Great lyrics.

Laura Jane said…
love Love LOVE that song!!!!!

It is sex on a stick, I will never feel MEH about that song!!
Miz S said…
YES!! I love this song and this video. It just put me in a REALLY GOOD MOOD!!
Miz S said…
It also makes me wish I could dance, which I can't at all.