oh, the internet, so big

I just...I mean, really. One can see and imagine so much.


I need to go get the September Vogue. It's a ritual.

Youngest has done three days at Art School and adores it. This is a wondrous thing.
Oldest survived a rough day at work. This is a miraculous thing.
K did a day in town. This is a good thing.

Bored? Go check the fucking weather.

I went to the Gift Show and fell for a pair of specs. Do you need pictures of the Gift Show? Do you want to know about the Gift Show? It is fantastical. It is gigantic. It is too much.

It seems like Diana Nyad has been trying to swim somewhere for as long as I can remember. She never makes it. Her story, it would seem, is not about success. Or is it?

At any given time, in my living room usually, one can find paper packaging like this.

Let me at it with a Magic Eraser Sponge and some Q-Tips. I might be able to do something.

Sometimes these slide-shows of beautiful homes make me angry. Why can we not see regular people's interesting homes like the ones Todd Selby sometimes shoots?  But this one has a wistfulness to it - and I wasn't as aggravated. Then I saw the last photo and I fell in love.

I would like a new handbag for fall. I am purchasing text books and art supplies instead. I have no problem with this. I'm just saying.

Oh, McSweeney's. Oh, oh, oh.

I love to hate: Nicole Kidman. I could do a series of I Love To Hate.

So, that's two series? The Why I Will Never Be Photographed By The Sartorialist and I Love To Hate? I'll consider it/them.


alice c said…
I'm in love too. But I had to recover from the 'breakfast nook' moment. I have an obsessive fear of nooks.
L.P. said…
Love the McSweeney's link, I'm sending that on to ds right now. My favorite part: "Don’t get discouraged, just smash the bottle over your own head as a lesson for leading the kind of life where this seemed like a good idea, then start over again."

And really, don't even ask if we want pics of the Gift Show. You KNOW we do.
I say yes to the Gift Show.

It's Fucking Hot here today. Also, we are on official Hurricane Alert.
Poor Amy A. She moved to Florida and I told her we rarely get Hurricanes here.

You know what's sitting in a basket by my favorite chair? LAST YEAR'S September Vogue. I think I gave up trying to look at the whole thing and tossed it into the Basket Of Hopeless Causes.
NorahS said…
Yes, two series, please!
Paola said…
Um ... have you ever been stung by a jelly fish? Ouch.

That much colour in your home? Really?

Nicole Kidman used to be so lovely. USED to.

The Fucking weather is fucking wrong for Positano. It's fucking hotter than that!

McSweeney's ... (giggle)
poor Diana, her face looked horrible. Cannot wait to dig into this September's Vogue.
Scot said…
"...unauthorised attempt to restore a prized Jesus Christ fresco. "
I didn't know he was a painter, I always thought he was a carpenter.
Loretta said…
We are on some strange ESP psychic hotline together.

Had that very bag in that very color bookmarked for two weeks and then remembered that the youngest was starting classes on Monday and Oh, the rent and the art supplies....

Also, was going to email you as to where in the city should I go to get the hippest hipster specs as I have a new prescription and need a new look - badly!
Suse said…
I can see why you fell in love with that last shot. Me too.
the McSweeney's thing? First proper laugh I have had in quite some time. Thank you.
And that's the closest Our Nic has looked to her look in BMX Bandits EVER.