news from Japan

I emailed C yesterday to tell her how much I appreciate the time she is taking to host Youngest and how he tells us, each evening, about the wonderful things he has done and seen.
Youngest had written, the day before, to say that she teaches him the history and meaning of all the things they see and places they go - which he loves.
Yesterday they went to the beach where Youngest taught A to swim.
This morning there was another small earthquake and this email from C.

I am happy to hearing that he enjoys his days.

Oh I would like to thank to him very much.
He always helps me. 
He is a kind  person truly!!
and also you know, I am  the beginner of English.  probably I always made confused him.
but He always waiting my next words patiently, imagine what is the mean, what I want to say and give me a hint what is exactly words.

There was just an earthquake.
my house is shook a little. But, he calmed down very much. (me?  no)

I know you are proud of him.  me too!!

the day goes so fast.    I wish he were here more two months. 


I don't really have words for how this makes me feel. 
I  had pondered asking/reminding Youngest if he's being a good houseguest. 
I'm glad I didn't.
He's going to be very sad to leave Tokyo. 
Fortunately, he only has a couple of weeks until art school begins which he is very much looking forward to.


Poppy B. said…
Awwww ... youngest. Of course he's being a good house guest. This is the guy who let four, count 'em four talkative middle-aged ladies take over his bedroom while he slept outside in a tent.
kmkat said…
Nothing gladdens the heart of a parent than to hear that the offspring is being a good person. (not that any of us readers are surprised)
RW said…
Just over here catching up.
Lots happening.
Long weekend here.
3 days off.
Scot said…
I too, am happy to hearing that he enjoys his days.
I'm sure he represents all of us with charm and grace.
Japan is a beautiful place and a gorgeous culture. Tell him to make sure he tries the ice cream, the bubble gum(its non-stick and the wrapper is edible!)
AND the cream-filled JOTO-PAN!
Here's a wierd question, does Youngest speak spanish? The languages are very similar, some of the words are quite close or exactly the same.
There is a Buddhist temple called the Kai-Kon. I think it's just outside Tokyo. It is one of the most beautiful places ever built by human hands. If he gets a chance I highly recommend he sees it. It can be a life changing sight.
Paola said…
Yes, nothing beats the feeling of a parent hearing/reading something like this.
But it's one of your boys we're talking about, and I had no doubt.
Look @ Scot giving out tips and advice abotu Japan!
Yes, we love Scot, more and more each day.
Suse said…
I'm loving these updates from Youngest. Tell him hi from me!
L.P. said…
Amy A. said…
This sounds like the best way to travel. Did you already write about how your family met C and A? Or is this a blind foreign exchange program?
alice c said…
Youngest - I am holding my breath because if you keep up this Gold medal standard I am going to use you as an example for my own children. "Look" I will say "this is how to travel overseas if you are a responsible and caring person. No more of the 'Vanish to South America for a month with only four text messages.' Right?"
Miz S said…
Oh God, when I read the email from C? I did that half-laughing half-crying thing, because it was so sweet and painted such a vivid little picture.

(And I realized that on some level I had been worried about Youngest being so far away--and the feeling of relief was palpable. AND I'M NOT EVEN RELATED TO THE BOY.)
Anonymous said…
Earthquake! I had not factored in worrying about an earthquake on this visit. I'm glad they are okay.

Youngest should come here too. We will be his Pac NW exchange family. I could send you my son so that he and Middle can talk Top Gear.