news from Japan

I had the most amazing time at the shrines today and got a lot of good luck charms for everyone cept Middle cause they all applied to good luck in health/travel and he has the best health of all of us and is pretty lucky all ready in my book, i'll probably find something great for him tomorrow. 

editing the photo's now, upload them during your afternoon. 
got uncle b a good luck charm for traveling for him when he goes kayaking! 

computer is fixed, did a reboot, checked all the preferences working great now! May still buy a transformer just in case! 

C is the most wonderful host! She tells me all about the history and meaning of things. And i ask all kinds of questions and she's happy to answer them! 

A is at cram school, supposedly until tomorrow! (yeeeesh)

we're going to go to the beach and i'm gonna ask A to go shopping with me! my japanese is still bad but i'm getting braver! i ordered the most beautiful and delicious cake on my own today, and was able to tell the clerk that someone was already helping me with my order! i had a great day! Oh and shrine maiden's are some of the most beautiful people i've ever seen! 

I'm having the time of my life here in Tokyo! Thanks for sending me!  

Your hat is pretty cool, i hope you like it!

This was an excellent email to receive this morning (it works out pretty well - we can iChat at 6am and 10pm) as Youngest was having some adjustment issues on several fronts.
Fortunately, I also got an email from Jan last night and she confirmed what we were thinking: Japan is overwhelming and hot.

It is a gift to have such an appreciative and enthusiastic child, and a joy for us to be able to have sent him on this trip.


Paola said…
That last phrase is the best!

Love these emails.
Jan said…
There's nothing like trying out your beginner Japanese and being understood! After my first visit, I returned to the states and immediately signed up to study Japanese at our local community college, which I continued for two years. It was thrilling!
And despite my terrible backsliding over subsequent years due to lack of use, I have still been able to get myself out of small jams when necessary. And that's still thrilling!
Anonymous said…
I was just marveling at what a dear Youngest is. His appreciation and enthusiasm are very apparent. You ARE lucky! But of course, he's lucky too.

So we know I'm a weeper yeah? Yeah. #sniff
I'm so happy for him.
Anonymous said…
That Youngest and his beautiful soul.
Bless him.