it's Wednesday

I think I've mentioned, I'm over summer.
Youngest starts school on the 20th and I promised him a trip to the beach...I am looking forward to that, but I am finding myself wearing the same six outfits (with different accessories) in an attempt to stay cool. Meanwhile, my office is sososo cold that a sweater is necessary.

Youngest is doing a lot of odd-hour sleeping which is to be expected, and he's full of stories for us.
His immediate food request? A burger and fries.
He slept through dinner that first night and into the next day, but he got his burger.

I've been thinking about new eyeglasses. My present Italian specs (hi Paola!) are three years old and two things have come into play: I don't seem to be seeing as well and I try to switch my frames every three years.

I am considering small, round, clear.



I need to do some shopping around.

I saw this last weekend


and was confused.

Luckily, this cleared it up.


She really DOES have three breasts. But does she have underpants?

This post is quickly becoming a dump for things I've uploaded...




The shower/bath in Japan.

An update on the wrist! Four more weeks in Darth Splint.

After receiving and returning an expensive rope bracelet (have you SEEN them? they are everywhere!) I bought one at the beach last week. You know the kind. You shrink them to fit!

Screen shot 2012-08-08 at 11.53.23 AM

I'm in love with it.


Jan said…
LOVE those frames. I just replaced mine and had a difficult time finding something a bit *forward*. Ended up with Oliver Peoples. Happy, but wish there'd been a NYC selection vs what I had...a Cleveland selection.
Paola said…
I'm shaking at the three boobed gal vision.

Vision (where your current specs come from, remember?) now has a new, totally artisanal made in Positano wood specs. They're really cool ... I should try to take a pic for you.
Liz said…
Please tell us more stories about Youngest's trip to Japan.
The Coffee Lady said…
Are we supposed to have more than six outfits?
Anonymous said…
Wait, how is it that she has three breasts?
Duyvken said…
Oh yes, Paola must take a pic, they sound divine.
The 3 boobed gal is v confusing although it would solve my crumbs down the cleavage issue.
Like Coffee Lady I am impressed that you have 6 outfits!
Scot said…
You do realize that the woman with 3 boobs is a hooker from Mars, right? and you thought the Curiosity rover was the only great ride on The Red Planet.

Are you not worried that people are going to think those glasses belong to Harry Potter? :o)
.You know my new frames are small and round and that I vacillate between being Harry Potter or a Hipster Douchebag.
Anonymous said…
I just got those round frames - in black. Unforesightedly, it turns out, because when I wore them home, my kids said they're Harry Potter glasses. On the serious side, the glasses are small, and when I'm driving onto the highway and have to look to the left for oncoming cars, I'm looking out the sides of the frames and can't see a thing.
blackbird said…
Comments re small round frames duly noted.
kt said…
I have Scojo frames-small and round--and the two-tone colors of this model are rootbeer and burlwood. Love them.

You, however? You would so rock smallroundclear frames that the mere mention of such a possibility shot four crystalline, ringing words through my brain....

No Capes!

Edna Mode

go for it, bb!