I got right back on the horse this morning, so to speak, and walked to the office.
I wore some nice flat shoes and no one knocked me flat. (I'm fine.)
Who/what did I see?


This kid. With his homework. I'm pretty sure it was homework.


This happy lady who was eating, believe it or not, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Best sandwich ever.


This smartly dressed (all linen!)woman who gave me a smile. I do not know why.


 The sushi spot favored by most of our staff.


This kid caught me taking pictures. He still didn't pull up his pants.
I don't see that pants look very often anymore.


This building is being converted from an old telephone switching station (you'll have to google that) to condos. I was told or read that the penthouse will be one of the most expensive in town and was purchased by someone famous but cannot remember who!
(Did I already tell you I walk past Suri's house every day?)


I thought these girls might be on an Olympic team.
They were wearing the exact same shoes.


 Best Outfit of the Day.


 It *sounds* progressive, doesn't it?


This is a great outfit too, but, see, the thing is, I feel like losing the Tevas and the backpack might make it slightly more, I don't know, fashion forward?


This lady looked amazing, knew what I was doing and gave me the best smile of the day.
I was blocks from the office and happy from that moment on.


This guy was the shit. (See me scooting along there?)

I had a very productive half day (we have summer Fridays) and got the nicest news: my pal the Creative Director and that sweet, gorgeous girl in Production are together. They've gone public and their news could not make me happier.

It's Friday!


jo said…
At work we refer to it as Fri-yay
I think the kid in the stroller had a map.
I also think the lady with the Tevas looks cranky.
Duyvken said…
Lovely! Thanks for taking us on your walk.
Anonymous said…
That guy IS what you said. Nice pick!