but, wait, there's more

Not Tokyo, though I wouldn't be surprised:

Self Freezing Coke. Ahhhh.

I shit you not: Middle has come exceptionally close to some of these projects.

This post is not about my Olympic pride at all. It's about drool-worthy homes - save for that brick shit house at the end.

I guess there's a whole Let's Clean The House movement going on on the internet.

We continue to be drawn, hypnotically, to the bears.

Not a bear. Just bad Indian food.

Bergdorf Goodman think they know what birds need. They may be right.

The Seven Banal Sins.


L.P. said…
Nice! Love the bird windows (am especially partial to the giant crow/raven? with binoculars), and quite amused by "The Seven Banal Sins". You just find the best stuff.

I'm afraid I'm in more of a "Let's NOT clean the house" frame of mind...
Duyvken said…
Self-freezing coke?! Heaven.
Scot said…
The Toilet Cleaning article needs to be required reading for incoming college freshmen. My daughter had a series of unfortunate roomies who had never cleaned a bathroom in their lives.
love love love these yelp reviews! They make me die every time.