and, so, goodbye

I've unsubscribed.

Screen shot 2012-08-21 at 2.04.35 PM

It's the end of an era.
I've broken up with Anthropologie.
Obviously I was influenced by that piece that Wendy sent me. Convinced is more like it.
I haven't been there in months and now I don't want their emails either.
What next? I don't know...(she whispers Eileen Fisher?)

Let's change the subject.
I'm wearing sandals at work today with my striped sailor shirt dress.
Tomorrow and Friday I am working off site and I will not return to the office until after Labor Day.
Do you know what that means?
No more sandals.
I adhere to those old-fashioned rules. I am old fashioned. I am feeling old these days.

I need two more trips to the beach, I need a haircut but the hair cutter is away, I need one more bowl of summer dip.
When I go back to the office I need it to be Fall.

Here. My friend D just sent this.


Hilary said…
I am the opposite of you... I wear sandals / open toe shoes all year long (even in the dead of winter... I need my hair colored so badly but would rather put up with the grays than miss out on beach time... Hopefully you will get those two beach days in (or more - September is great at the beach - but if you don't wear sandals after labor day I am guessing you don't go to the beach after labor day either :)
Crazy Mom! said…
Oh dear.

Are you sure you can get through this? Do you need - an intervention? Rehab?

It will be Summer here until the end of October. So my sandals stay on.
L.P. said…
Out here, we really just got started on summer 2 or 3 weeks ago. But it's already getting dark noticeably earlier, which seems really unfair. Oh, well. I am looking forward to putting away sandals as I found a killer pair of L.D. Tuttle ankle boots on ebay last month...
Anonymous said…
I don't think I know about the piece Wendy sent. I do know that the only thing I have purchased there lately is the ceramic egg holder.

Duyvken said…
There are no hard and fast rules here regarding fashion before and after a certain date but I like the idea of closing out one season and starting anew. What will you be wearing to the office now? Anthropologie ship to Aus now and my sister (who has always bought up big there during her times in the US) has just ordered a few things to accesorise with some beautiful dresses she is wearing to two weddings she has coming up. The dress codes are Formal Picnic and Daytime Cocktail - did you ever?
Scot said…
Dearest BB,
You know you're one of my favorite people on the planet, right? Hopefully you'll remember that when I tell you that listening to music from decades ago when your feeling "feeling old these days.
" isn't the smartest thing to do.
I can't believe September is almost upon us.
Did I send you the recipe for Roasted Strawberry, Rubarb Ice Cream with Basil? Make some of that. It will put a smile on your face. Its working for me this very instant!
I need MANY trips to the beach!
Paola said…
You know ... I had subscribed to Anthro EU (Europe) but I had had the same rip off feeling since last year, when I happily bought a few tops which I LOVE. After that? Kaput!
And so, I am joining you in putting it behind, a mere couple of years after you introduced me to it.
Sayonara ...
Paola said…
OH, and sandals are nowhere to be off my feet until November!
And ... I ADORE that song, have it on my iPod (which I haven't used since May ...)!
Anonymous said…
It's an all-Eileen day for me. Grey heavy-cotton trousers, a black satin tank top and a camel-colored cashmere sweater. Don't ask how much because if you did, you would never stop vomiting. (But you can find good Eileen stuff on eBay.)
Summer dip?