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We continue to be mesmerized by the bears, but, today, I discovered it's impossible to watch them and do my job.

Youngest is very conscious of his manners in Tokyo, has yet to figure out the toilet (15 buttons), and is going exploring on his own for a bit today. Also? There was a teeny earthquake. (I am coping.)

We're watching a lot of Olympic competition. This was one of my most favorite moments.

I've got a hankering for some of this. Drugstore.com is one of those places where I like to fill a shopping cart but never order anything. I ought to sometime.

Drink of the week! GIN AND TONIC. Let me tell you, my anxiety level is a little bit high and the old g&t takes the edge off.

Back to the Olympics (and I am totally prepared to take a beating on this): beach volleyball? Really?
I mean, I am quite sure I'd be crippled in seconds. There is no question that it is grueling. But do not tell me bikinis are a uniform. I'm not buying it.

Favorite lunch: Avocado Toast. Avocado, cumin, lemon, olive oil and chili flakes. From here.
Come visit. I'll buy you a sandwich.

I'd never wear sparkly things, but I admire sparkly things.


Wow! That's a whole lot of sparkly.
My mom is totally freaked out by the Speedos on the male divers ( one dude was rocking a serious butt- crack) and the beach volleyball bikinis.
I thought of you today when I spent the day on the Cape with my kid and my former next-door neighbor.
Anonymous said…
adding a sliver of cucumber takes G&T to a new level of bliss....trust me on this one

Paola said…
I wore sunglasses to look at that sparkly sparkle ensemble.

Cucumber in G&T. I'll def try it. Thanks Linda!

Probably along with the yummy avocado toast ...
Anonymous said…
We watched beach volleyball last night and the ladies wore pants and long sleeves--on both teams. So I firmly believe the bikinis are a ploy to raise ratings. Without the bikinis it did strike me as more of a sport.
That said, I've never been a volleyball fan, on sand or on a regular court.
Crazy Mom! said…
I luff the bears, but the tropical reef in Aquarium of the Pacific is the G&T I need at work. Maybe with some lavender lotion...

The Olympics ROCK. I'm a fan of most of it, but love the gymnastics & all the horsey stuff the most!
Unknown said…
Awesome. I read the menu and now I'm starving.
Duyvken said…
Oooh, avocado toast! Yummy.
That's a lot of sparkle - I love it.
kmkat said…
* I keep the bear window open on my computer all day. At one point I saw eight bruins, including two on the upside of the falls. Thanks again for the link.

* Fifteen buttons? No wonder Youngest is confused.

* Another great-smelling lavender lotion is Kiss My Face (google to find it online). If your skin is terribly dry it won't be enough moisturizing in midwinter, but it has the absolute best lavender fragrance.

* Sparklies. One of the best reasons for Christmas, imho.