under the burning sun, I met Suse

We met on the Bow Bridge.


After six years (Six years, she whispered) we fell into each other's arms and had a little cry.
There was nothing else to do but stare at each other. But, no matter how long I stared, she looked just the way I thought she would.
And, then, after hours in the heat, wandering, eating, thinking, talking over each other in the excitement of meeting after all these years, we separated. I looked across the subway tracks at her and could have sworn I was looking in a mirror.
Small, grey haired (with a streak of purple!), wearing a black tunic over a skirt.
She could have been me.
Save for the accent.


Mary said…
And now you have made me weep - what a special meeting for you both.

Next time I will be with you .

Mary said…
That's Mary solo by the way (the Alison and Mary is for another blogging project!!).
Duyvken said…
Having just recently met Suse myself I can well imagine how delightful it must have been. It is a beautiful sunny day here too but there isn't much warmth in it.
Ali said…
Funny how in this big Internet world, we come across the most special of friends.
KPB said…
Shedding a little tear and covered in goosebumps. Goddammit.
Laura Jane said…
Ah!! I always thought you two would look alike.

So happy you are together!
Stomper Girl said…
That really is just so, so ace.
Eleanor said…

It's like a Tuvalu version and an Aussie version.

I'm sitting here grinning madly. Perfect meeting place too.
Rae said…
Wow, just wow.
Paola said…
It's a special moment, a unique feeling.
Amy A. said…
What a special treat. :)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful. Wonderful! I love this story--you had me at six years.

Suse said…

PS. I don't have an accent.

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