things to see

There's nothing like a good flash mob.


I'm liking what this guy has to say.

Surprisingly, I love Daphne Guinness just a little less now.

The BEST ad for razor blades, courtesy of B.

We need to visit The Meadow.

Youngest and I are researching omiyage. Serious business, which will involve tinned delights from here...and some special whiskey.

I can get lost in tumblrs.

After playing tourism guide (whilst enjoying myself immensely) I am happy to be back at my desk!


Anonymous said…
Cellos are my favorite instrument, so any flash mob that begins with one...well.
I'm wondering if that was the conductor's daughter who dropped the coin to get it started.
Paola said…
I love flash mobs and this was indeed a good one.
Omiyage ... dont 'I always learn somthing here ...
I had just seen that flash mob video the other day.

If Youngest is bringing tinned gifts he will have to say
"すぐ召し上がって下さい。 すぐめしあがってください sugu meshiagatte kudasai. = Please consume right away."
NorahS said…
A good flash mob makes me weep. Weep, I say! Although I did chuckle when they brought out the timpani. Hard to be subtle hauling those things around.
L.P. said…
Loved the flash mob! Ode to Joy always makes me a little teary-eyed.

And I'm sending that blog link to my son. Right now.
We should do The Meadow. Keep on eye out for upcoming workshops.