Terminal, reprise*

This is, quite possibly, my most favorite and most famous post. 
It was Little A and her mother that Youngest and I went to meet that day - and Little A and her mother who will be meeting Youngest at the end of this week in Japan.

arriving passengers

Airports make me cry.

balloon strut

When I was eleven or twelve years old, I was fascinated by airports. I made a couple of hundred drawings, on yellow legal pads, in number one pencil, as I prefer the softness of them, of ticket counters, baggage carts, kiosks, and people at airports.

youth tour south america

Venezuelan guys wear cool shoes. But they also wear capri pants.

youth tour korea
Pay attention people. These are state forms, they must be filled out correctly. If you were born in Seoul Korea you must put that in box number ten.

tel aviv

Pacing while his entourage waits.

on approach

We spent an hour or so watching arrivals -- all sorts of people from the farthest reaches of the globe. People waiting, watching for loved ones. We watched many reunions.


We watched mothers run to grown children, children traveling alone run to parents, grandparents screaming at the sight of grandchildren. And a family from India who broke through the barricades to greet each other and then would not leave each others arms -- just stood there embracing for long long minutes.

And then I realized why airports make me cry.

It's because the arrival area at the airport --
is what I think heaven is like.


*First published on 6/22/05.


This post just made me cry. So beautiful. Made me think of the airport scenes in Love Actually.
KPB said…
I loved this post the first time you posted it and I love it just as hard now.
Duyvken said…
And, now I am crying.
I missed this when you first posted it. It is wonderful.
Anonymous said…
i spent two years, every three months or so, waiting...holding flowers....waiting. Christmas Eve...waiting. Sometimes i cried whole watching others rush to meet their warm embrace, sometimes i cried as i saw her. Now just the thought of going to the airport puts a lump in my throat.
Paola said…
I have been back to read that post a few times. It's simply beautiful.

For many years I wanted to work in an airport, especially THAT one.
It's got something magical ...
jo said…
very apropos.
Anonymous said…
Your archives are a gorgeous, treasure trove of wonderful writing. Thanks for uncovering this gem.


(And since all of your posts go into the archive, this means that your writing in general is pretty much amazing.)
Jan said…
I've been wondering when youngest was departing for Japan. I'm so happy that he's finally making this journey, which I am guessing will be transformational. I'll be thinking of him...and you!
Joan said…
I, too, immediately flashed to "Love Actually" ... through tears.

Gosh, blackbird, I hope so. I really hope so. :o)
Suse said…
The post with which I met you!