reading list

While Suse and I were visiting, something interesting happened.
We never sat with laptops - or, in her case, an iPad.
When I visit with my Chicago friends, and we are having downtime, at least two of us has a laptop. We spend time catching up on bloggers we love/bloggers we don't care for/bloggers we like to mock (just a little) and we sometimes trade links to new-to-us blogs.
Suse and I never had a moment to do that. She asked me, at some point, who I read and I scrambled and told her some names.
After she left, it occurred to me that the sidebar list is six years old.
I love those blogs and bloggers. We grew up together, mostly. But it's terribly out of date and I no longer read most of them. The truth is, I read through google reader and the list is very different and I've decided to post it here - and there too. Maybe I'll put the original reading list on a separate page if I figure out how. It's not that I no longer like the blogs in the sidebar - but I've grown away from many of them. (I heart you, old-school blogs/bloggers!)

What I really read:

The Sight Of Morning
1001 Rules for My Unborn Son
A Cup of Jo
An Acceptable Time
Apartment Therapy
Beard and Pigtails
Belgian Waffle
Better After
Bower Power
C.Jane Kendrick
Design Sponge
Dirt and Rocks
Ebb & Flow
Eleanor From the Comment Box
Fluid Pudding
Girls of a Certain Age
Green Girl in Wisconsin
House of Desire
House 226
How To Run Your Life
How Was Your Day, Dan
I Am Saved By The Buoyancy of Citrus
Illustrated Obscurity
Jen on the Edge
Journey Mama
Knit Yourself Pretty
Little Miss Sunshine State
Looks Good From the Back
Lou, Boos and Shoes
Manhattan Nest
Manolo's Shoe Blog
Miz S
Paddling Otaku
Pomegranates and Paper
So Close
Speechless Mostly
Suri's Burn Book
T Magazine
The 6th Floor
The Beauty Boomer
The Coffee Lady
The Pursuit Aesthetic
The Sartorialist
The Wednesday Chef
Vintage Home
Young House Love
CopyCat Chic


Poppy B. said…

I still make the cut!

Crazy Mom! said…
Poo! I didn't!
Kathy said…
Yeah, I lost a lot of readers when I switched blogs and stopped swearing so much. But I gained my 92-year-old grandpa as a reader and he kind of trumps all y'all. Just saying.
Adventure Otaku said…
I am curious how 'The sight of morning' is first, and 'copy cat chic' is last, when the rest of the list is in alphabetical order?

Anonymous said…
OMG, I love Manhattan Nest. That Daniel could be one of your boys. If you like him/his blog, you would love Door 16. She has amazing personal style (black! black!) and she writes beautifully.

Unknown said…
I'm House226 and I approve this message. (snerk)
Ali said…
Read you too BB and now I have a whole lot of extra blogs to check out! But it might have to wait till we get home, because my teeny phone screen won't do any of them justice.
robiewankenobie said…
oh, rats. i knew i was forgetting to do something...
alice c said…
Oh. Better get back to it.
Jen on the Edge said…
Oh gosh, you read me and I'm beyond delighted.

One of your pins on Pinterest sent me to House of Desire, which I'm loving.
kmkat said…
I read Manhattan Nest, too, even though the only things I have in common with Daniel are that we both live in the continental US. I wonder if I found him through you...
Amy A. said…
It's so hard to keep readers when I don't post! haha. Maybe I'll start again when I return to part time work. Thankfully that is coming soon! In the mean time, I will have hours of reading pleasure while I thumb through your new list. :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the list!
Duyvken said…
Thanks for the list, bb, I look forward to slowly working my way through them, most of them are new to me and I love blog recommendations.
Liana said…
Thanks for including my blog on this list! Interestingly, I've been told by many friends that their mothers-in-law read my blog religiously--a fascinating demographic. Hopefully this will open up the readership pool a bit more! :)