nothing to say, lots to tell

Suse has gone west. We had a very lovely afternoon together in town and rounded it out with some cheese at a favorite spot of mine. We nearly ran out of words, having spent hours with each other - though Suse was sure she had more to tell me, I think it was merely a resistance to letting go. We took the subway uptown, me for my train, her to meet Sue, and clung to each other at 34th street. It wrenched my heart.
Now, I'll track her via her facebook page and am planning a date with Eleanor and going back to work. I've been off since July 4th and it feels like weeks!
Interestingly enough, we are dining with our Australian friend from Tuvalu tonight and hope to see Eleanor and Eddie next week. It's All Australians All the Time.

I have managed to carve out some time for me and mine, however, and have some pictures to prove it...

From the Times, and duly noted:

models, nmp
The fellow on the left resembles Youngest, with some meat on his arms. Sorry I lost the caption, that would be Photos of the Moment a favorite of mine.

I'd like to speak about the rope jewelry phenom/meme/fad. I do like this bracelet

nice bracelet

but, goodness, one cannot escape the rope jewelry. (Heh, one cannot escape FROM the rope jewelry!) It's everywhere. Last night I saw necklaces made of climbing rope and it was all I could do to not text brother B (a rock climber) and have a good laugh. Also, though I don't know how much the sterling in that one there costs, the rope bits have to come in at fifty cents! Silly.


What? What the what? I do not know who she is or why her foot is against the wall thusly but it's silly. I grabbed the screen shot weeks ago and have no clue. Enjoy!

I've hesitated to post this shot but I love it so.
(I don't mean to tread on people's privacy.


But I know for a fact that most/all of these unidentified co-workers have facebook pages with their faces on them, or LinkedIn pages of the same nature.) 
It's one frame from each take of the video I'm working on at my office. The camera marks, with a still shot, each time a take begins and I love this one for the expressions and I've been so touched at the cooperation the 40 or so people in my office have lent this project. 


Summer is in full swing. That's us, in our Dick's chairs, listening to Youngest with the town band. Just before they launched into Build Me Up Buttercup, he texted Middle to dedicate the song to him. (It's part of their shtick - they tease each other mercilessly about being fat, ugly, stupid, etc., while laughing their skinny, adorable, brilliant selves to pieces.)

A Note To The Gentlemen of My City:

Menfolk: do not wear black shoes and black socks with your crisp blue and white seersucker!


Think jaunty! Think sock-less! Think wry!


Perhaps stripes!

Another causality of the impending round saltines debacle:

scientific measurements

cheap cheese will no longer fit perfectly upon a cracker. 
(As Youngest sings, soprano, first world problems! softly next to me.)

Also, please note my captions for the cotton swab package illustrations:

cotton swabs


1. FIRST AID: if you are in my house and bleeding in the eye area, I'm pretty sure a cotton swab isn't going to do the job.

2. ELECTRONICS: we all know that cotton swab is not going to efficiently clean that keyboard.

3. BABY CARE: look at that poor baby's face. She knows precisely where that swab is going.

4. HOUSEHOLD USE: let it be known - if I EVER start cleaning the shower with cotton swabs please contact my psychiatrist.

We've had our annual barbecue with MFAOA and Uncle. There is one word for this yearly event.


That's Middle, during the Gift Swap portion of the day. 
I cannot even begin to describe how hard we were laughing.
Oldest did not join (busybusybusy at tattoo work), Youngest did not swim (damn cast).

That's the word from Tuvalu. I've got a busy week ahead of me but I'm sure to keep you posted!


That's my exact problem with the round saltines. I'm too OCD for square cheese on round crackers.
If you want a round cracker, eat a Ritz!

The Q-tips in our house are for forbidden ear cleaning only. The kitten thought they were new playthings, but I put an and to those shenanigans.
Paola said…
Oh dear, that model looks so much like Middle!

Bye Suse!

Are you on FB??? Really?

SHAME on those black socks/shoes with white pants. SHAME!
Anonymous said…
Life has been FULL at Tuvalu!
The rope jewelry cracks me up--it's as ridiculous as the barbed wire trend (which, if you need some, I have access to a country mile's worth on the back of our property--old farmer fence, naturally rusted for effect).
But my favorite is Middle dedicated that song to Youngest. Priceless brotherly love.
Suse said…
It was resistance. I had to work hard to pull myself together for the rest of the train journey.

Suse said…
PS. Bye Paola!
Beard said…
The smug gal with her foot propped on the wall needs to get a cat or something, and are black dress socks with shorts okay? Hope so, that may or may not be what I'm wearing right now.
KPB said…
Love this. Love it all.
KPB said…
And I thought it was a given that everyone only used cotton tips for giving yourself an ear orgasm.
Anonymous said…
What a week! The good times abound in Tuvalu.