my birthday

Today was my birthday and I spent it exactly as I wished.
A few people knew it was my birthday - most did not. I don't care much for birthdays and like to to spend them as if they were any other day.

The boys had a wonderful present for me: a new radio and iPod dock for the kitchen. I had a radio in the kitchen and it was TERRIBLE. No reception, the cd player never worked, bad speaker! I have hated that radio for years.
K remembered that I admired a radio a while ago and bought it for me...and Youngest made sure my iPhone would work with it.
He also made a video.

My new radio!

  Screen Shot 2012-07-18 at 8.41.37 PM

Both chic and technically wonderful!

I arrived at work to find something delicious awaiting me...


Chocolate and cream and cake. A wonderfully decadent breakfast from my friend A.

Roses and an announcement at a crowded meeting from my boss.


Luxurious gifts from all three sons (lotion and candles and scarves!) and one of my most favorite dinners for me at home.

The sweetest, most gentle small gestures made my day...a friend at my desk when the heat outside was at its worst (100F) to say she'd bring me the lunch of my choice. Two co-workers younger than some of my children arriving at my office late in the day to pout because they didn't know it was my birthday and were disappointed to not have celebrated with me. Even the cards I received seem so well suited to me. Middle sent a vomiting unicorn, which only he could get away with, and Oldest sent one that wrenched my heart. He is the master of sentimental cards.  

All in all, a quietly memorable day. 
Just the way I wished it would be.


Scot said…
Jen on the Edge said…
Happiest of days to you.
Crazy Mom! said…
I hope this is the best of years. Happy Day!
kmkat said…
happy birthday, bb (I'm whispering because you like quiet birthdays.)

the video reminds me of Elder Son. When his dental expander was removed after two hate-filled years, he took it out on the front sidewalk and stomped it to death, then had me run over it with the car. Sometimes a bit of cathartic violence is just the thing.
Jan said…
Happy bd, BB!! Sounds like a perfect day.
RW said…
oh hey.
happy natal day.
Duyvken said…
Happy birthday, BB, what a gorgeous day. I love your new radio/dock. I have a little transistor radio in the kitchen and 90% of the time the reception is scratchy but fine. I can't tell you how incredibly irritating that other 10% is! Enjoy!
Laura Jane said…
I am so glad you had a happy day, in your own style.

Is the new radio a digital one? My hubby likes his digital radio in his study - the classical station with no hiss, crackle or static. Long awaited pure sound!
alice c said…
Sending you a birthday hug and wishing you a wonderful year.
Paola said…
Lovely, funny, unique.
As you.

You deserve it all and more.

Celebrate and enjoy!
mizz_b said…
Happy, happy birthday, bb! I'm so glad that you were feted as you were.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday bb! May this new year be wonderful.
Poppy B. said…
Youngest's video is like a mashup of the original Macintosh commericial and that scene from High Fidelity. Hee!

And happy belated birthday to you, missy. Sounds like it was wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your video--that's from one of my favorite movies.
Sounds like you were remembered and honored in lovely ways all day.
Unknown said…
Belated happy birthday, bb! Congratulations on successfully completing another trip around the sun--well done and keep up the good work! Here's to many more happy, healthy returns of the day!
L.P. said…
Oh, Happy Birthday! It sounds like perfect day.

Love the radio. I have one in my kitchen, too (an ancient, non-chic one) and always have it on as I cook.
Anonymous said…
It sounds like it was such a nice day. I'm smitten with the new radio.

So glad you were born, bb.

Karen said…
BAHAHA! The video was brilliant! For all the joy you bring to others, I hope it was heaped on you ten fold today. Happy Happy Birthday!
Eleanor said…
Sounds perfect!! That video is hysterical, well done Youngest.

Happy birthday dear bb,

from e & e xxxx