Middle keeps me busy

While Youngest was on a fifteen hour flight to Japan, Middle did his best to occupy my brain.
He succeeded.
What did we look at?

The brown bear cam - one of his favorites, which he leaked to the internets as Ripley Sterling.

Deadmau5. What's he up to?

Tracking Youngest's flight.


Honest Toddler came from me.

We went to Michael's too, but that's a picture post for later.


Paola said…
I always do the flight tracking (or train tracking for that matter) when people come here.
Nice of Middle to keep you busy.
kmkat said…
The bear live cam is awesome. My husband, who has a tremendous love for bears (his nickname is Smokey)) is largely bedridden right now after back surgery. I sent him this link so he can watch the bears on his laptop.