it's Wednesday but it's just like Friday

So, aside from being a little anxious re the whole Japan thing, there's other stuff going on in my world.

I've just survived a particularly gruesome Company Meeting. I won't say more, but it involved much powerpoint work and, I don't know if I've mentioned this but powerpoint is, quite possibly, the WORST program in the history of the world.

Tomorrow I'm taking Youngest to have his cast replaced. A good chunk of the lining made it's way loose and we'd like to have a look at it and, hopefully make a decision about surgery.
After that, we'll finish his preparations (ironing and toiletries!).

Friday: Japan.

So, as you imagine me wringing my hands, packing seven different asthma medications, and ironing socks,  I'm thinking you might appreciate this.
Compiled by Youngest and Middle (neither of whom are named Chris or Smith) it was originally created to provide inspirational music for the F1 2010 video game, which has no soundtrack.
Over time it has turned into "The Greatest Songs Ever."*
Perhaps you will be impressed, as I am, at the breadth of the music.

*if my link doesn't work, click over to and search F1 2010 by Chris Smith.


alice c said…
Just ironing my Tibetan prayer flags so that I can hang them out for Youngest on Friday. I don't do it for my own but as it's Youngest I'm upgrading to the Premier service.
Scot said…
OK, don't get pissed but I gotta ask. You iron socks? Really? Why?

Great song list. Makes me wonder what do you and K listen to around your boys? Lots of our generation's influences there. Well done! (the Brittany and Backstreet Boys kinda suprised me.)
L.P. said…
From the little bits about Youngest I get from your writing, I think he's going to have a rollicking good time in Japan.

And I'm with Scot here-- ironing socks? Sounds very Gosford Park. (I take it you don't pack socks the way I do-- roll them up into one of those inside-out balls and stuff them into every suitcase nook and cranny.)
Anonymous said…
She was kidding about ironing the socks. But it's all about the attention to detail! Youngest is going to Japan! If there's ever a time to get Gosford-y, now is it.

I love PowerPoint. It's easy and can do everything (except, of course, press the socks). I wonder why you don't like it.