I nearly titled this Saturday

I'm up early.
I've got to dust off the house (seriously, the kitchen floor is filthy) and make it somewhat presentable.
I have myriad minor physical complaints (gee but my feet ache) but my Australian friend is visiting and I (and we) are bound and determined to put our best (aching) foot forward.
It's pouring rain, though it is supposed to clear, I suspect it will merely make it hotter and more humid.
Weather and dust aside, I could not be more excited to sit with Suse and talktalktalk.

In other news: I thought I needed a pair of sandals as mine have fallen apart and, in truth, I think I need a pair of sneakers to wear on my long walks. Or some Tsubos which are supposed to be lighter than air and softer than soft? Yes. Somehow I can picture myself in those rather than Nikes.

There are dozens of wonderful things about Nora Ephron on line, but this is one of my favorites, and I will certainly try this recipe.

Another genius? Manolo. Perhaps not of the same caliber as Ms. Ephron, but still.

Do you think Suse will want to see all of my house?
I'd better get dusting.

It's only Wednesday.


KPB said…
When, WHEN, I get to meet you I'm looking in your cupboards. Including the ones in the bathroom. Just so you know.
KPB said…
and AGAIN with the ugly orthotic-resembling shoes?
Paola said…
Sitting down with you in the dining room or talking in the kitchen while sipping on a drink in the kitchen (I recall) is just all is needed. Who needs to see your house when YOU are there to be enjoyed.

Although I love the idea of Kim rummagin gthrough your cupboards, I admit.
Unknown said…
Oh the Tsubos are beautiful.

I really want a pair of these: http://tieks.com/boutiek/ in either the matte black or the outrageous orange.

And now I'm off to putter for a few hours before we go to see Moonrise Kingdom this afternoon.
Suse said…
Just saw all the house, then saw this post.
Anonymous said…
Those are GREAT shoes.
Have fun with your company!
Anonymous said…
I'm with Kim. I like to look in cupboards--not to snoop or judge, just to see. I would want to see Youngest's room, since I remember the exciting re-do.

I hope it was a grand visit.

tut-tut said…
Creakily looking around the blog world; glad you and suz are meeting up!