good, bad, ugly

My sweet husband has worked every SINGLE day for, I don't know, the past 25 days?
I've discontinued prayers for work, and, if you were praying for work for him, I invite you to take a hiatus.
Watch, now that I've said that it will DRY UP.
Ah, well, such is freelance life.

The good:


Loot from The Chanel Fairy, who, btw, is not Poppy. Within this bag was a small book announcing that I had "reached the pinnacle of Chanel research." I don't know about all that but I aim to keep her as happy having a friend in my business as I am to have a friend in her business. She brought me nail polish in an unmarked bottle because it hasn't been put on the market yet!


She also gave me a tube of lip gloss that doesn't wear off. Miraculous! (And a perfect color for me, you know, to draw the eye UP from my saggy neck!)

The Bad:


Miss Lavender Business Suit put on her whole face whilst sitting next to me. I was dying to tell her she needs new blush (she was scraping it from the corners of the container) but I held my tongue lest I lost my temper.


And who do we have here blabblabblabbing on his phone RIGHT NEXT TO MIDDLE?
Why, it's Mr. Rosary! Imagine!

The Ugly:


I've never been to Big Lots before.


Poppy B. said…
The Chanel Fairy!

Tell. me. MORE.
The Chanel Fairy - I need one of those. Do you think she exists in the antipodes?
Scot said…
You didn't tell us Mr Rosary was a so big. He looks like something I wouldn't want to "share" a seat with. Any dirty looks this time?
Did Middle know THAT was Mr. Rosary?
Also, what the heck are those things at Big Lots? They look like something from the Zombie apocalypse?
alice c said…
Lip gloss that doesn't wear off? In a perfect colour? I need it.
kt said…
Since you shared Bloodbath & Beyond with us, I'll return the favor and let you know that we've always called this place BigGlots.

Anonymous said…
A Chanel fairy? What luck!
Big Lots is a running joke here--whenever D gets me a gift people always say, "Oh, did he go to Big Lots?" Which is funny because he actually has GOOD taste, but seems like he wouldn't.
Duyvken said…
The Chanel loot? So cool! The creepy migraine suffering coconut pirates? Not so cool.
Paola said…
Dear Poppy maybe didn't notice you had a Chanel Fairy?
Well, I did. And good for you, keep her happy.
Miz S said…
I need that magic lip gloss!
L.P. said…
Well, let's keep up the prayers that husband has just the right amount of work! And what magic charm do I have to use to get my own makeup fairy? I wonder if there an Obscure But Expensive Makeup Fairy looking for a gig??
The Coffee Lady said…
There's a Chanel Fairy?

I don't understand what poor Lavender woman did wrong.
LOL at the woman putting on her face in the train.
Mr. Rosary? I read the back story and it made me sad. My super-perfect-Catholic-goes-to-daily-mass sister-in-law cut us out of her life recently, after our son developed a mental illness. It hurts a lot, but it's ultimately her loss for being so narrow-minded.
blackbird said…
Oh, Patience_Crabstick, that is just terrible.
Bravo to you for putting a good face on it.
Anonymous said…

Suse said…
I want to give you a big birthday kiss on those perfectly coloured and perfectly shaped lipglossed lips.

Good god that sounds creepy. Happy birthday beloved!

(also I just read the Mr Rosary post and having met the suave, intelligent and really very beautiful Middle, I can't quite believe anyone would look down on him. I reckon that guy had a squint and you misinterpreted).