a fine day out

Uniqlo is having a summer festival, Youngest loves their things and needed clothes for his trip to Japan and his freshman year at college.
Middle had a hankering for some dress shirts, so, off we went.


 No talking on the train.

 It's best to listen to music and relax.

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 7.23.12 PM



(Youngest has scored a new phone too - it's a Sony and quite something.) 

 Happily for us, Uniqlo was pretty empty.

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 7.21.37 PM 

I say happily as outside it was over 90 and very very crowded.


And there were drums. 

We bought a pile of wonderful things (a fabulous Jil Sander jacket for me!) and alterations are free. With sons with 26-inch waists and 32-inch inseams, alterations are necessary. 
Uniqlo's tailors have your pants hemmed in two hours so we went and had some lunch and visited the pharmacy. 


Middle has devoted himself to a finer art of shaving and is exploring his options.


Brushes and soaps and post-shave balms had to be researched.


 I am always happy to spend time in shops like this one.


I bought them some lunch, we browsed around and returned to get our shortened pants. 
Middle made his way to a shoot and Youngest and I ran like crazy to make a train. 

There was steak and red wine waiting at home for me.


Anonymous said…
What a nice outing! Reading about your boys and their ways and means makes me sigh with pleasure.

Poppy B. said…
Next time I'm in Tuvalu, I demand that you take me to Uniqlo. Say no to Anthro!
Scot said…
I'd be interested in knowing the resulte of the brushes and soaps research.
Also, why no talking on the train?
Anonymous said…
A perfect weekend day. I remember my dad had a shaving kit with a brush and lather in a ceramic cup. It smelled wonderful.
Unknown said…
Uniqlo? I am not at all familiar with them, either. I will need to stop in the next time I am out your way.

Thanks for another dreamy day in photos that made me feel almost as if I was with the three of you...without the oppressive heat.
Paola said…
That's a lot of assortment for shaving.
Here for an alteration you need to wait a couple of weeks.
KPB said…
Where is Joke when you need him - he is all across the shaving paraphernalia.

What a delight.