big news

In which Youngest and I hatch a little plan...

So, last weekend, there was a nice-sized chunk of the lining of Youngest's cast coming loose. We were on week five of that cast and he had the previous cast for five weeks or so, so 10 weeks in a cast lead me to, sort of, encourage Youngest to, erm, remove that section of lining. And removing that section of lining sort of made it possible for me to call the orthopedic surgeon and ask them if they could remove the cast. You know, to make him more comfortable in Japan, with a new cast.
Bear in mind, we had no illusions about his wrist being healed. The most we hoped for was a fresh cast for his trip.


See the nice doctor sawing off the smelly-yet-very-fashionable black cast?


See the pitifully shrunken left wrist/hand/arm? Note the frightening black hair.


See the giant scaphoid bone? 


Youngest was betting on surgery and lost $5.00. 
No surgery! 
We were stunned speechless. 
We could not speak. 
We went shopping.


Youngest will wear the Batman splint for at least two weeks - but only outside the house. 
He can shower! He can swim!


His bag is packed. 
He's ready to go. 

We are grateful.


Crazy Mom! said…
Hurrah for healing!

So glad that he's better.
YAY! Hope he has a great trip.
Jan said…
Wonderful news! Sayonara, Youngest!
Most pleasing indeed.
Duyvken said…
That's tops!
have fun in Japan Youngest.
Jen on the Edge said…
Wonderful news! So happy that he's healed in time for his trip.
Miz S said…
An unexpected piece of good news and a good omen for the trip.
mizz_b said…
Wonderful news! I hope Youngest has a fantastic time in Japan.
Anonymous said…
(he does a really good "mad/badass" face while flexing)
Anonymous said…
This is good news, but I think he still needs to be very careful. No stunts, Youngest! Especially while you are overseas. And maybe ask a pretty stranger to help you with your luggage. It couldn't hurt.

Yay! Reading this a little late - but so happy for y'all!